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The ears creak and quickly use these methods to self-test whether it is tinnitus

Some people always feel that there is something in the ear that is humming, asking people around them, but others can’t hear anything, and they can’t get peace. In fact, this phenomenon is called tinnitus. Tinnitus is a symptom of auditory dysfunction. It is the hallucination of human auditory organs to sound or fictional sounds, such as snoring, squeaking, or ringing, insects, birds. Calling, running water, windy sound, etc., tinnitus is persistent and intermittent, tinnitus is often a precursor to other diseases, long-term suffering from the risk of deafness.



8 method for self-testing tinnitus

1. Does the ear squeak exceed 3 days?

Second, is there a snoring, snoring or snoring sound in the ear that matches the heartbeat?

Third, whether there is a continuous and stable noise in the ear, there is a wind-like whirring sound, the sound of the machine is like a rumble, there is a buzzing sound, or some like insects, birds, water, And whistle, ringtones?

4. Is tinnitus accompanied by itching, earache, ant crawling or ear nausea?

5. Is there a paroxysmal vertigo with nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, ear swell or pressure, and unilateral hearing loss?

6. Is the hearing feeling worse and worse, and there are symptoms such as tinnitus and ear suffocation. If the water enters the external auditory canal, the symptoms worsen and cause earache?

Seven, is it a headache, often feels restless, affecting work and sleep, very painful?

Eight, whether the hearing of both ears is slowly diminished, accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness, hearing of both ears, and symptoms in the afternoon and night are more obvious? What should I do with the above symptoms?



What is the cause of tinnitus?

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is open to the ear, the kidney has lesions, and the ear may respond. But the cause of tinnitus is very complicated and cannot be attributed to kidney deficiency. Sometimes, if the influence of the environment is in a high-decibel working environment for a long time, it may induce tinnitus, sometimes it may be caused by liver fire, strong heart, stagnation of suffocation, invasion of sinister poison, etc., which may cause tinnitus. In addition, from the perspective of modern medicine, some tinnitus may be a precursor to certain diseases, such as tinnitus after streptomycin injection, indicating that ear poisoning has occurred; hypertensive patients with tinnitus or original tinnitus aggravation, often suggesting elevated blood pressure; Treatment with quinine, salicylic acid and other drugs can also cause tinnitus; tympanic membrane invagination, turbidity, adhesions, perforation, tympanic empyema, nasopharynx tumors, etc. will occur in tinnitus.


Tinnitus hazard

1, affecting hearing: Very loud tinnitus can interfere with what you hear, often hear the sound but can’t tell what others are saying.

2, affecting sleep: Tinnitus is especially loud in the dead of night, making people feel restless and uneasy.

3, affecting emotions: Long-term severe tinnitus can cause emotional changes such as upset, worry, anxiety, anxiety, depression.

4, affecting work: Because I can’t hear the speeches of others, especially the leaders and teachers, and I endure the great pain caused by tinnitus, but often can not be understood, so work efficiency declines, and gradually lose interest in work and study.

5, affecting family life: Because of tinnitus, long-term seeking medical treatment, causing economic losses and even leading to huge economic pressure.

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