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Loss of hearing may trigger Alzheimer’s disease

We often see hearing-impaired children wearing hearing aids, but few hearing-impaired elderly wear hearing aids. In fact, when the elderly have hearing impairment, wearing a hearing aid is very necessary.


Under what circumstances does the elderly need to wear hearing aids? According to the People’s Daily, they usually go to the hospital for examination. The doctor will give the elderly an examination of the mechanics and judge the hearing loss of the elderly is mild, moderate, severe and extremely Severe or full. If the moderate tone is above 40 decibels, it is recommended that the elderly wear a hearing aid to compensate for hearing. Chen Zhiling, chief physician of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an online interview with Zhejiang. “Hearing aids are like fuel savers. The fuel saver slows down the consumption of oil. The hearing aids slow down the hearing loss and protect the residual. Listening.”

However, some elderly people will not be willing to wear even if they wear a hearing aid. According to the Yangcheng Evening News, there are three main reasons why the elderly are unwilling to wear hearing aids:

First, many elderly people between the ages of 50 and 70 are psychologically reluctant to admit that they are old, and wearing a hearing aid objectively makes others feel that he has entered the ranks of the elderly, or that the function has deteriorated.

Second, it is okay for people aged 50 or 60 to have a hearing loss in a quiet environment, so if it is not socially necessary, they may prefer the lifestyle they are used to.

Third, there are some technical and quality problems in hearing aids. The sound processing technology of these hearing aids will cause the sound to change and change the tone.

However, if the elderly with hearing loss do not use the hearing aid in time, the ability to interact with others may gradually decline, and it is easy to become ignorant and tempered. Even studies have shown that elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease have a certain degree of relationship with hearing loss. Therefore, when the elderly have hearing impairment, the family should take the elderly to seek medical treatment in time. For the elderly who need to wear hearing aids but do not cooperate, family members should not condone. They should advise the elderly to follow the doctor’s advice and wear hearing aids scientifically.

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