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Can’t be heard by the ear because of old age!

“Isn’t the ear hearing bad, old-fashioned, normal?”

“Isn’t the ear hearing bad? The ear doesn’t listen to silence, clean.”

“Isn’t the ear hearing bad, too lazy to talk to people, free?”


People who often encounter such a weak person are either unwilling to admit that they have hearing loss, or they feel that hearing loss is not good for ear hearing, no pain or itch, no bed rest, no life-threatening, so let alone Listen to it.


However, is this really the case?

Do you think that hearing loss is so irrelevant?

No, you definitely look down on it!

Hearing loss is a chronic disease equivalent to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Its prevalence rate is among the top ten chronic diseases in the elderly. It is a very common disease among the elderly. At least one third of 65 elderly people suffer from the disease. There are varying degrees of hearing loss.

Today, it is necessary for us to say the three aspects of the true harm of hearing loss.

1, hearing impairment

In the case of normal hearing, our ears can distinguish the nuances of hundreds of thousands of sounds.

However, once some parts of the ear have lesions, such as otitis media with pus flow, otosclerosis with fixed tibial floor, and senile sputum with damaged hair cells, our ability to “listen” will be greatly reduced. Hearing impairment.

The problem of “hearing bad” caused by hearing impairment is much more serious than we think.


You may be in a traffic accident when you cross the road because you can’t hear the car horn;



You may not hear the fire, you can’t escape the fire in time;


You may not hear the phone ringing and miss important information;



When you are watching TV, you need to make the voices louder and disturb the people.


These are the hazards of hearing impairment, and one more important: we live in a world full of sounds, and hearing the sound will make us feel insecure.


When walking at night, instinctive, slightly louder sounds will alert us; but if you have hearing loss, your world will be quiet, quiet at night will make you extremely nervous, and the feeling of insecurity will increase.

2, communication barriers

After hearing loss, hearing impairment can lead to communication problems: if you can’t hear it, you can’t communicate with people, that is, communication barriers.


For children, hearing loss will make them say bad because they don’t listen well, affect speech development, knowledge learning, unable to communicate with the surrounding society, and ultimately lead to inability to enter society. It can be said that they are affected for life.

For adults who have learned the language, hearing loss can cause poor communication, old snoring during conversations, always asking for repetition, answering questions and other questions, and gradually being separated from society.

The isolation caused by this communication barrier is like a person being covered in a glass bottle, able to see the outside world, but unable to communicate with the outside world.


Give an example of an old Li head:

Lao Litou is an old cadre who is enthusiastic about public welfare. After retirement, he actively participates in community activities. He often attends this meeting. Although he is busy, he is very fulfilling and happy.

But later, because the ears were not well-healed, I couldn’t understand what people were saying at the meeting. There was no way. I could only retreat to the second line and slowly stay away from the community activities. I could only stay at home and read newspapers and watch TV.

Also, because the TV sound is too loud to be complained and complained by the neighbors, the son and daughter are not willing to come back, because every time they talk about it, they have to pick up the door and make the face blush thick, like a quarrel. .


It can be seen that the communication barrier caused by hearing loss has brought many problems to the life, work and study of the hearing impaired.

3, mental disorder

Communication barriers caused by hearing loss will eventually lead to psychological barriers, which affect the mental health of the hearing impaired, which is inevitable for most people with hearing impairment. When it comes to “health”, many people think of physical health, no lack of arms and legs, no pain. However, regarding the definition of “health”, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made an authoritative view.


The WHO believes that the inner world is rich, harmonious, peaceful, and in harmony with the surrounding environment. This is an important part of health and a favorable supplement and development for health.

Speaking of “inner world”, this obviously refers to the psychological component of health, that is, mental health.

The WHO has proposed 8 indicators for judging mental health: security, stability, adaptability, autonomy, happiness, identity, and trust.

And hearing loss will affect our “8 feeling”.



The original temper will become more paranoid, suspicious, anxious, and arrogant because of long-term communication obstacles;


The original nature of peace, fear of not being able to hear others greeted and was misunderstood as a big shelf, worried that let the other side repeat too much will be rejected, everywhere “careful”, slowly become uneasy, depressed, depressed.

Regardless of temperament, in the end, people with weak hearings will avoid communicating with others, closing themselves, dementia, and even mental breakdown.


After hearing the hearing loss, communication disorder and psychological barrier caused by hearing loss, do you think that hearing loss is just normal, clean and comfortable?

Although the harm caused by hearing loss is not as painful as a knife, it is invisible. As the famous writer Helen Keller said, “Blind, it separates people and things; and hey, isolates people and people”. Therefore, after hearing loss, don’t let it go, wear the hearing aid and intervene in time to return to the “everyone” world.

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