You are currently viewing 7 details should pay attention to prevent the baby’s hearing health hidden danger!

7 details should pay attention to prevent the baby’s hearing health hidden danger!

Little babies need more attention and care from their parents, which is even more unreasonable in terms of hearing health.


1, feeding – half seat priority

The baby’s ear is divided into three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. In normal times, the exit of the eustachian tube in the nasopharynx is squeezed by the surrounding tissue, but when the baby swallows, chews, sneezes or cries, Maintaining a balance between the air pressure inside and outside the middle ear, the eustachian tube will open instantly. Because the baby’s ear is not yet fully developed, the eustachian tube is still short, and the position is low and straight. If you are holding the baby, let him lie flat, take the milk, the bottle is too wide, and the bottle is vertical. Too straight and so on, it is easy to cause the baby to suck the milk, so that the milk flows into the middle ear along the eustachian tube, which induces otitis media.

The correct feeding posture is:

If you are sitting and feeding, you should hold the baby in your arms and let the baby sit in a semi-sitting position. The one leg of the baby’s upper body can be raised with a small stool; if it is lying on the side, the mother will use the arm to put the baby. The upper body and head are supported to achieve an optimum angle.


2, clean the ear wax to find a doctor

Some parents may feel that it is very troublesome to run the hospital for this little thing, so they get it up for themselves. In fact, this practice is very dangerous. First, because there is no professional equipment in the general family, parents often can only follow the feeling, so it is easy to cause local damage; second, because many babies have not learned to cooperate, may be turbulent; third is once the process of burying ears Inadvertently, there are external impacts. For example, if someone accidentally touches the mother’s hand, etc., it may break the tympanic membrane and affect the baby’s hearing.

Expert advice

If the earwax has been more, form a mass, stuffed in the ear like a stopper (耵聍), do not solve it yourself, be sure to take the baby to the hospital, ask the doctor to help clean up.


After 3, respiratory infection, observe if your baby has ear discomfort

When you have a cold, pharyngitis, and when your baby has a respiratory infection, the pathogen can easily enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube, causing otitis media. However, this type of acute otitis media usually occurs after 7 to 10 in the cold, so it is easy to be ignored by parents.

Respiratory infections don’t care

After the symptoms of the baby’s respiratory infection have disappeared, parents also need to pay attention to whether the baby shows symptoms of otitis media. In addition, active prevention of colds or shortening the cold cycle is the best way to prevent children from developing otitis media.


When 4, baby cold, otitis media, try not to fly

In the case of a baby’s good condition, it is generally not a big problem to fly. During the take-off and landing of the aircraft, the baby can reduce the pressure on the ear by sucking or sucking the pacifier.

Cold, NO; otitis media, NO

But when your baby has a cold and otitis media, it is best not to fly. Because the eustachian tube is in an edema state at this time, it will increase the pressure on the ear.


5, careful pathological jaundice

The pathological high concentration of jaundice can penetrate the blood-brain barrier of the baby, infiltrate into the brain cells, inhibit the oxygen consumption of the brain, inhibit the oxidative phosphorylation reaction, and impair the nerve function. Medical research has shown that neurological dysfunction caused by high concentrations of bilirubin is firstly affected by the auditory system.

Early detection, early intervention, early treatment

The nervous system damage caused by early bilirubin is temporary and reversible, and generally returns to normal after treatment. However, if the high concentration of jaundice is not treated in time, it can develop into permanent nervous system damage, which is manifested as hearing loss, dancing hand and foot. Hyperactivity, mental retardation, etc. Therefore, when the baby has jaundice, it must be identified by a neonatal specialist to prevent injury to the baby’s ears.


6, don’t let prenatal education listen to bad ears

Part of the cause of hearing loss is heredity, while the other part is caused by the acquired environment, such as drugs, infections, environmental pollution of toxic substances, etc. Among them, noise pollution is also an important reason.

Prenatal education should be moderate

Although some studies have shown that music has certain advantages in stimulating the development of the fetus, the correct music prenatal education should choose not to be too close to the fetus in a large space after 3 months of pregnancy. In the choice of music, you should choose soft music with soft and gentle rhythm, like some symphonies with large rhythm and undulations, especially the stimulating music such as rock music and disco music, which are not suitable for pregnant women and fetuses. Some pregnant women directly put the speaker of the speaker on the abdominal wall, and the fetus always floats and moves in the mother body. If the fetus happens to be the ear canal against the mother’s abdominal wall, the sound wave enters the mother body, and the fetal ear canal is directly subjected to high frequency sound. Stimulation, it is easy to cause damage to the fetal cochlea and auditory nerve, causing hearing loss.


7, protect your ears, away from secondhand smoke

In recent years, scientists have found that cigarette smoke is an important cause of exudative otitis media in children from 0 to 6. This is because the harmful substances in cigarette smoke have a direct stimulating effect on the baby’s delicate middle ear mucosa. It increases and thickens the mucus secreted in the middle ear, and also makes the eustachian tube not smooth, thus causing fluid accumulation in the middle ear. Hearing declines. After a long time, the viscous effusion can cause adhesion of the tympanic membrane and cause conductive hearing loss. Moreover, suffering from this disease is not as painful and pus-like as purulent otitis media, and it is often difficult to cause the attention of parents and delay the treatment. Therefore, in order to protect the baby’s hearing function from damage, the baby’s caregiver should not smoke, at least not in the area where the baby is active.

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