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Often doing these things is the most damaging to hearing!

The ear is called the second pair of eyes of the person, because hearing can directly affect a person’s reaction speed, and people with good hearing will react quickly. Therefore, good hearing is very important to a person. But there are often cases where the ear is hurt. So what are the little things you ignore in your daily life that hurt your ears? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Do not pay attention to the cleaning of the shower head

We use shower heads when we take a shower, but do you know? The main reason why many people’s ears are hurt now is that the ear is easy to enter the water when taking a bath. Because even if the shower head passes through the water every day, it still contains a lot of bacteria inside, which is caused by the structure of the shower head. Part of the shower head is curved. When you run out of the shower head, it is easy to leave a part of the water, which means that there is almost no water in the shower head. Bacteria are the easiest to survive in humid environments. The next day we used the shower head and we will have close contact with the bacteria that grew up for one day and one night!

In order to solve this terrible problem, I would like to recommend two small methods here: I recommend that everyone take a shower cap when taking a bath, so that you don’t have to worry about water, infection and other issues when you protect your ears. There is a saying that weeding to remove the roots, then if we can clean the shower head regularly and solve the bacteria problem from the source, can we not protect the ear more effectively?

Always take the ear spoon and rub the ear

Some very careful friends may find that their hearing is reduced. They think that the earwax in the ear is too much to block the ear, so they immediately find the ear spoon to clean up. In fact, it is a good habit to be careful to observe such changes, but it is not a good habit to use ear spoons.

First of all, we think it is the earwax of waste. In fact, it can help us to shield the outside voice and impurities. The ear canal is too clean, but it will cause the outside noise to impact the tympanic membrane and cause damage to the hearing. Secondly, our ears have the ability to clean themselves and use their own ear canal to expel excess earwax. Therefore, our own ears are in the seedlings, some friends can not control the depth of the ear can not touch the tympanic membrane, some friends with cotton swabs may leave the cotton wool in the ear canal will block the ears.

As can be seen from the above analysis, we can’t rub our ears frequently, especially when the ear is in the water. You can reduce the number of ears, try to find a professional doctor to use your special equipment to rub your ears.

Metal heavy earrings

Amy’s ladies like to wear some accessories, especially in the ears, wearing a variety of earrings or earrings every day, but everyone will ignore the damage that these accessories bring to you. Some friends wear earrings made of alloy material, which can cause allergies. Some earrings worn by friends are easily pulled, and the ears are torn. When they hit the water, they will also be infected.

For those who are allergic to earrings, when they are allergic to wearing earrings, they should be taken off immediately and consulted. For these friends, gold earrings are their best choice, because gold is an inert metal that does not easily react chemically. In addition, plastic earrings are also a good choice to avoid allergies. At the same time, for those who like to wear heavy or long earrings, remember to take off your earrings every night before going to bed. Also, be careful to avoid accidentally pulling the earrings and tearing your ears.

Massage the benefits of the ear

“Lingshu·Five Readings and Five Envoys” said: “The ear is the official of the kidney.” The ear is the place where the kidney passes, and often the ear massage has the effect of improving hearing and solidifying the kidney. We can perform the simplest massage on the entire ear during work or on the way to and from work. After rubbing the palms of both hands, the back of the ear is massaged back, and then the back is folded back and massaged repeatedly until the ears are slightly warm. Regular massage according to this method can dredge the meridians and have a good health care effect on the kidneys and organs.

In addition, the bracelet can be looped, and the auricle is repeatedly rubbed dozens of times from top to bottom. This method is not only simple, but also relieves the fatigue and pain of the neck, shoulders, and legs that are common to office workers. It also works well for dizziness and headaches.

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