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Causes of low frequency deafness

Eustachian tube stenosis:

Many patients with low-frequency hearing loss show ear suffocation and low-pitched tinnitus, and vomiting after ventilating; the hearing test often measures the conductive sputum hearing curve, and the acoustic impedance is the middle ear negative pressure curve.

This is often the manifestation of eustachian tube stenosis. The cause of the eustachian tube stenosis may be traumatic or nasopharynx inflammation.

Meniere’s disease:

This is due to the edema of the inner eardrum, which causes episodes of dizziness and fluctuating sex sound deafness as the main manifestation of inner ear disease. Early deafness is generally low-frequency paralysis, volatility, and late hearing fixation, still dominated by low-frequency sputum. Generally, the incidence of single ear, the cause is unknown, may be related to congenital inner ear abnormalities, autonomic dysfunction, viral infection, autoimmunity and so on.

Auditory neuropathy:

Hearing is mild, moderate sensorineural hearing loss. Low frequency loss is the main type. The cause is unknown. Because the auditory neuropathy is more frequent than that of infants and adolescents, it is currently considered that the possible etiology and hereditary diseases, immune diseases, infectious diseases such as measles, meningitis and toxic substances, such as neonatal period, are high. It is related to bilirubinemia.

Secretory otitis media:

Hearing tests are generally characterized by mild to moderate sputum or mixed sputum, with low frequency sputum. The main pathological feature is middle ear effusion, and there is a history of upper respiratory tract infection before onset. The clinical symptoms are mostly caused by hearing loss and ear suffocation, and tinnitus is generally not heavy. Traumatic tympanic membrane perforation: due to external violence, huge sounds on the ear or foreign body directly puncture the tympanic membrane caused by perforation of the tympanic membrane, in addition to earache, the patient also showed ear suffocation and hearing loss. Hearing tests found that it can be conductive sputum, mainly low frequency 聋.

To prevent the occurrence of low-frequency sputum, first of all, to prevent the inflammatory effects of various viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria on the ear, such as symptomatic medication as soon as possible after the cold, to avoid inflammation through the eustachian tube to the middle ear, especially pregnant women, infants and young children to avoid the virus , parasites and other infections.

People with autoimmune diseases or familial genetic diseases should be alert to the occurrence of immune diseases such as Meniere’s disease or auditory neuropathy if they experience low-frequency hearing loss. At the same time, we must also pay attention to protect the ears and hearing to prevent injuries such as trauma and noise.

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