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Use headphones should not exceed 1 hours

Wearing headphones to listen to music or foreign languages, not affecting others, and avoiding outside interference, is a kind of chic, elegant and comfortable spiritual enjoyment. As everyone knows, this will also bring some potential harm. Excessive use of headphones, “walkman” is also a noise, noise is harmful to humans in many ways, the most obvious damage to the auditory organs, people will unwittingly suffer from “sensory deafness”.

Use headphones time should not exceed 1 hours

Noise is a combination of many different frequencies and different levels of clutter. Whether it is exposed to a brief strong impulse noise or long-term repeated noise exposure, the hearing loss is collectively referred to as noise-induced hearing loss, also known as noise 聋. Noise 聋 is common in people working in noisy environments, such as aircraft field personnel, textile workers and other workers working under industrial noise, as well as people who often wear earphones and go to karaoke rooms.

Frequent use of the “walkman” or earphones can damage a person’s normal hearing, causing people to suffer from “sensory deafness” without knowing it. Relevant medical data show that when the volume heard by the human ear reaches 100 decibels, longer time can cause irreparable hearing loss; when the volume is up to 110 decibels, it is enough to cause the hair cells of the human ear to die, and in severe cases, it can cause hearing. Loss of illness.

At present, some MP3 can be up to 115 decibels, even if the volume is not turned to the maximum, 95 decibels when listening to rock music, and disco music up to 110 decibels. Moreover, since many earphones are designed in-ear, improper use or too much volume can cause direct damage to the eardrum. Therefore, it is recommended that you use less earbuds. The volume of the Walkman is as low as possible. Generally, it should not exceed 80 decibels. The continuous listening time should not exceed 1 hours.

In places with high noise such as buses or on the street, it is best not to listen to music with headphones, because in order to overwhelm the noise, people often unconsciously increase the volume, which will hurt the ears more. In addition, don’t listen to the Walkman while you are sleeping, otherwise the earplugs will be caught between the pillow and the ear, causing damage to the eardrum; if you listen to sleep and your ears are dormant, the damage will be even worse. obvious.

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