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The difference in hearing device prices is so big

Hearing aid price difference

1, hearing aids look similar, but the price is several times or even dozens of times?

This depends mainly on the different levels of the internal chip of the hearing aid and the configuration of the spare parts. The appearance is almost the same, and it is difficult for the average consumer to detect. It is not surprising that the performance of different levels of chips is several tens of times. Like a computer, 386 computers and Core LCD computer performance price difference is a lot

2, consumers should beware of the high price, shoddy, and even the old and new inferior products harm the hearing!

The network and the reality are full of information on brand-name discount promotions, most of which are not officially authorized by YJ. The source of the goods is suspicious, its quality cannot be guaranteed, and its actual stores are often extremely non-standard, attracting customers with low prices and famous brands. Actually sell some second-rate products or even eliminate them, renovate products. It is recommended to take a few more stores to compare them carefully. In order to be happy for the next ten years, it is worthwhile to go a few more.

3, hearing aids mustPrecise fitting, can not be greedy and free to buy

Improper use of hearing aids will seriously damage the patient’s residual hearing! Hearing aids are not sphygmomanometers and should not be purchased at the store. Experienced fitters, qualified fitting environments and professional process control are essential. Therefore, patients are advised to There are qualified medical device business licenses and hearing aids with long-term professional experience to seek help. Don’t let those who have no formal business stores, no formal factory authorization, no professional and technical personnel, no medical equipment license, no mechanism to harm valuable Residual hearing, let the hearing patients regret the life.

4, choose long-term reliable after-sales service

High-quality hearing aids are often more expensive and can be used for many years. Patients are required to go to professional institutions for maintenance and repair of hearing aids, and redeploy hearing aids according to hearing changes. Therefore, you should choose a hearing aid chain with a long history, a well-established outlet, a high-quality service and a formal factory authorization to choose a hearing aid.

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