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Psychological emotional hazard caused by deafness


Harm of senile deafness


70’s old Zhang Dabo retired after traveling, went to play chess, went to the old university to attend classes, and lived a lot of life. However, one day, Zhang Dabo left home alone! The reason is actually because his hearing is falling!

What is senile deafness?

60 is more than two years of bilateral symmetry, progressive, sensorineural deafness, is a physiological law of aging. The progress of senile deafness is very slow and often difficult to detect. The typical performance is that it is hard to talk to people and chat, and often there is a phenomenon of inaudible, talking and snoring.

1 / 3 seniors suffer from hearing impairment!

Old hazard of senile hearing impairment

●Easy to cause mental breakdown, because deafness can not communicate with people properly, there will be anxiety, disappointment and pessimism, depression and sorrow. Because if you don’t hear it, you will have doubts and worry about others saying your bad things. In the long run, it will easily cause mental breakdown and depression.

● Hearing loss can be very laborious when talking to people. If you don’t hear clearly or even hear it, you will get a question. Therefore, many people are reluctant to talk to them, which will make these people more lonely, traumatic, unresponsive, mentally degraded, and disuse of listening function, which may aggravate brain atrophy. Eventually leading to deafness, it may also induce Alzheimer’s disease.

Factors that cause senile deafness

● Related to genetic factors.

● Emotional stress or certain chronic diseases, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney dysfunction.

● External environmental factors can also cause or aggravate senile deafness: such as noise, high-fat diet, smoking and drinking, exposure to ototoxic drugs or chemical agents, infections, etc.

How to prevent senile deafness?

● Maintain a healthy body and mind, create a good living environment, face everything with a happy mood every day, pay attention to controlling emotions in your life, and keep your mood comfortable.

● Use ototoxic drugs with caution, avoid contact with noise, actively prevent chronic diseases of the elderly (especially hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc.) and moderate physical exercise.

●Many more with others, more brains, more hands.

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