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Can’t hear the sound of flowers, how about?

Yan Lihua

Yan Lihua

“From the unfortunate bottom to the peak of art, maybe your life itself is a beautiful dance. In the silent place, it shows the vitality of life, and outlines the humanity in the arms. A simple woman presents us with a magnificent miracle. The shock does not require language, you are the most beautiful in our eyes.”

——2005’s “Touching China” gave Yan Lihua’s awards

Yan Lihua, 1976 11, 9, was born in Yichang City, Hubei Province. He is a deaf-mute dancer, a non-partisan, head of the Chinese Disabled Art Troupe, dancer, artistic director, vice chairman of the China Special Art Association, and deputy of the National Youth Federation. Chairman.

Yan Lihua was deaf at the age of two, but she created art in a unique way. 15 became the lead dancer of the Chinese Disabled People’s Art Troupe; 1999 entered the Hubei Disabled Persons’ Art Troupe; 2002 8 was transferred to Beijing China Disabled Art The regiment serves as the captain of the actor team and concurrently serves as the vice chairman of the China Special Art Association;

28 became an art director and shaped the special art classic My Dream. The “Avalokitesvara” that she led the dance shocked the world at the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games;

In the 2005 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the dance “A Thousand Hands Guanyin” was performed and was named “Moving China” 2005 Person of the Year; her miniature drama “Hua Die”, which was created and starred, sensationalized UNESCO headquarters.

Zhou Tingting

Zhou Tingting

Zhou Tingting, born in 1980 years, was born with deafness and her father Zhou Hong was not discouraged. The girl’s fate was completely changed through appreciation education. At the age of three and a half, Zhou Tingting spoke and studied literacy. After attending normal elementary school, she jumped two levels and finished high school in advance with excellent results.

Under the encouragement and guidance of appreciation education, Zhou Tingting became China’s first juvenile deaf university graduate and China’s “Helen Keller.” Her deeds have been compiled into the book “Little Tingting in the Corner” to motivate and guide more people: no unfortunate people, only unfortunate education!

Guo Yuliang

Guo Yuliang

Guo Yuliang is a deaf-mute woman, but she never gives up smiling in the sunshine, actively participates in the beauty contest of Chinese sisters, and introduces herself in elegant sign language.

Guo Yuliang’s deafness is not congenital, but because of a high fever at the age of one. 2009 International Miss China contested the mainland network area, 7 name Jiali successfully advanced.

In the year of 1, 17, in Foshan, Guangdong, competed with Chinese-sponsored people from all over the world for the 2009 International Miss China Championship. Guo Yuliang is the first deaf-mute player to reach the finals in 20.

Hu Xiaotong

Hu Xiaotong

“We are like the people who listen to people. They also have pursuits, desires and dreams. We hope to have an environment in which we can freely use our wisdom and ability. We hope to have the social status that deaf people should have, and participate equally, like the hearing people. Social life. I believe that as long as we give us a pair of wings, we will fly like…”

——Hu Xiaotong

Hu Xiaotong, female, 1983 was born in 2, Shanghai.

1998 graduated from Shanghai Hongkou District Deaf School; graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Shanghai Deaf Youth Technical School;

After being admitted to the Fine Arts Department of Shanghai Institute of Applied Technology;

2003 year 9 month at the National University of the Arts in Vienna, Austria; 2005 year 9 month as a reporter for the Hongkou website of the Hongkou District Deaf Association Propaganda Department.

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