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Children are not allowed to speak

Language is an interactive learning activity. Any language development is from simple to complex, from easy to difficult.

Generally speaking, children can call their father, mother or babble before they are one year old. At the age of two, although the pronunciation is not correct, but simple words can be said, and short sentences are gradually appearing, such as “going home” and “sending water.” At the age of three, most of the sounds of Chinese Pinyin can be pronounced, and only individual sounds are not allowed. In addition, there are certain development procedures for the four-voice learning of Chinese. These four-voice exercises should be completed at the age of two.

Children's pronunciation is not standard

According to the above analysis, if the child can’t say a simple phrase at the age of three, the four pronunciations are still in the tone of the tone, parents should be alert, should check whether the child has hearing impairment, or have problems with the sound, promptly help He develops the correct language skills. In general, children’s unclear speech can be analyzed from two aspects. One is “can you hear it all”; the second is “can you tell the whole thing?”

Simple test can be done for children’s normal hearing: Ask two similar pronunciations to ask him, if the sound is the same, nod and shake his head when he is different. For example, let him distinguish the pronunciation of “bed” and “ship”, it is easy to know whether it can be clearly distinguished. If there is no problem with “listening”, the pronunciation of children is based on their good or bad voice. The problem of melody is related to the development of sensory motor function. Because the sensory function controls the vocal organs, including the chest, abdominal cavity, vocal cord movements and the assistance of the lower jaw, the cooperation between the tongue, teeth and lips. If these parts are not properly matched and inflexible, the pronunciation will not be clear.

We found that all babies were not very clear when they started speaking, but in the process of growing up, the vocal organs (mouth, teeth, tongue, and lips) controlled by the “feeling action function” were more and more flexible, and the pronunciation was also It is becoming clearer. If there is a poor pronunciation and unclear speech, it should be that the development of the brain’s sensory ability is not mature enough to properly operate the vocal organs. The solution should also start from these aspects.

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