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5 questions and answers before hearing degeneration

Q1. Hearing will be degraded, why should I seek medical attention?


Moreover, some cases of non-degeneration and hearing loss must be carefully evaluated by an otolaryngologist to make a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Q2. Early hearing loss, is there a cure?


Q3. Found that parents have hearing loss, take him directly with a hearing aid?

Ans: Assume that parents’ hearing loss has been found. It is recommended that the otolaryngologist first evaluate whether it is really hearing degeneration or other middle or inner ear diseases.


Q4. Do hearing tests, go to a large hospital or an otolaryngology clinic?

Ans: General otolaryngology clinics are usually limited to equipment and manpower. Clinics usually do not have a formal hearing room or hire a hearing specialist. They usually only provide a basic hearing test to assess whether it is an auditory neurological problem in the inner ear. Therefore, the public needs to check the hearing, or it is recommended to have a complete hearing device and a hearing test in the hospital, which can provide a complete hearing assessment.

How does Q5. persuade parents to check and wear hearing aids?

Ans: Many elderly people will first reject the hearing aids when they hear them. It feels that wearing hearing aids is old, people are not used or even disabled. There are often elders who listen to friends saying that hearing aids are worn all day and there are murmurs, inaudible, uncomfortable, etc. In fact, these are not correct concepts, just like the need to wear glasses for myopia, hearing aids are just an aid. Tools that lack physical function, so mentality adjustment and transformation is very important.

What’s more, the new hearing aids have a modern appearance, and some are even hidden in the ear canal, and the appearance is not visible at all. At present, many hearing aid companies provide trial-and-wear services, so it is recommended to have elders who need to wear them. Be sure to try them out in person and experience the actual feelings after wearing them. Sometimes, after wearing them, they find that talking with people is clear and simple. Without special persuasion, you are anxious to match it!

[both physically and mentally victimized]

Silent world makes social withdrawal and brain degeneration

If you let go of hearing deterioration, you will gradually become socially retreating in addition to affecting daily life and talking with people. The personality of the elderly will become more isolated or not.

In addition, because the auditory nerve has not been stimulated by external speech for a long time, the corresponding cerebral cortex function is degraded, the listening ability of speech is degraded, and the situation of aging and degeneration is more serious. When the true degeneration is serious, the hearing aid is worn again. The benefits that hearing aids can provide are greatly reduced. Therefore, for the elders who need to wear hearing aids for clinical evaluation, it is recommended to wear them early.

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