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[Ear clean] Prevent ear canal infection, starting from correct cleaning

Clean up the ears

In the common condition of the outpatient clinic, it was found that the earwax was not clear for too long, so that the external sound was not heard and the temporary hearing loss was caused. This was because the earwax blocked the eardrum and could not produce vibration.

  What is the role of earwax? Do you want to actively clean the earwax?

Ear structure analysis

>The leftmost yellow area is the outer ear, the middle pink area is the middle ear, and the rightmost blue part is the inner ear.

External ear: It consists of the auricle and the external auditory canal. The shape of the auricle can be used to collect sound waves, and the external auditory canal can transmit sound waves.

Middle ear: located between the outer ear and the inner ear, there are tympanic membrane, three small bones, oval window and eustachian tube, etc., the tympanic membrane separates the external auditory canal from the middle ear.

The main function is to transmit the external sound waves to the three listening bones, and the three listening small bones are the liquid waves that convert the sound waves into the perilymph in the inner ear cochlea.

The Eustachian tube is a tube that connects the middle ear to the throat to balance the pressure inside and outside the tympanic membrane.

Inner ear: Contains the cochlea, vestibule and semicircular canal. The inner ear includes the auditory organ (cochlea) and the sensory organ (semicircular canal or vestibular organ).

Why are there earwax?

In fact, the ear is added with a protective film so that it will not be directly harmed by the outside world.

Earwax is formed in the external auditory canal, and it is secreted by the eye-catching membrane. It is an earwax. The earwax is an important line of defense for the body to protect the inside of the ear and protect the hearing.

The average earwax is divided into dry and wet sticky poles. The former is best cleaned and will be pushed out continuously and will fall off automatically.

The wet sticky earwax is difficult to clean up. It is recommended that you should consult a professional otolaryngologist to avoid injury to the eardrum and cause sequelae.

Deafness and earwax can prevent dust, microorganisms, insects, and extraneous water from entering the middle ear and inner ear chamber.

In order to achieve protection. Whether deafness or earwax is dry or wet is related to genetic inheritance.

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