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Swimming caps must be worn in the swimming pool

The slogan of swimming caps must be worn at the entrance of the swimming pool. Many people are not good enough to go back. They can only buy a swimming cap at the swimming pool. There are quite complaints about this. But is this really a trick for swimming pools?

Swimming pool

When swimming, wear a swimming cap and plug the earplugs to prevent sewage from entering the ear canal.

Swimming and air conditioning are the best choice for people to prevent heatstroke. The water is soaked in a bubble, the air conditioner blows, the coolness is coming, but the discomfort of the body will follow, the most common is the suppurative otitis media. It is.

Why do you have suppurative otitis media? What is the performance of suppurative otitis media? How can we prevent suppurative otitis media?

Otitis media is a general term for inflammatory diseases that occur in the middle ear. It includes bullous tympanitis, secretory otitis media, suppurative otitis media and so on. Among them, the most common cause of swimming is suppurative otitis media, and suppurative otitis media is divided into acute and chronic.

What is the performance of suppurative otitis media?

Acute phase: earache, hearing loss, pus, chills, fever, burnout, anorexia, etc.

Chronic phase: persistent or intermittent pus, perforation of the tympanic membrane, severe hearing loss.


1. Prevents and treats upper respiratory tract infections. In the summer, pay attention to the increase or decrease of clothing in the air-conditioned room, especially after sweating, avoid the air outlet of the air conditioner.

2. Develop good habits, do not use force to nose and pinch the nose, swim caps should be worn, stuffed with earplugs. Prevent sewage from entering the ear canal. When washing the hair and bathing, it should also reduce the flow of sewage into the ear canal. If water enters, the ear should be allowed to flow out as soon as possible.

3. Prevents tympanic membrane trauma. If you have itchy ears or have convulsions in your ears, don’t rush to your own ear. It is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible and ask a specialist to treat it.

4. Breastfeeding women should have the correct breastfeeding posture. Children should be prevented from lying flat and breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, the baby should also be lifted and the head should be vertical to prevent milk from flowing into the middle ear through the eustachian tube, causing infection in the middle ear.

5. If there is chronic suppurative otitis media, if there is perforation of the tympanic membrane, avoid swimming, prevent sewage from entering the ear canal, and re-infect. Small perforation, keep the ear canal dry, avoid recurrence, and self-heal. If the perforation is too difficult to heal, the tympanic membrane repair should be performed as soon as possible after three months of dry ear to prevent re-infection of the tympanic membrane and the condition worsens, leading to deafness.

6. If there is earache, pus in the ear, etc., you should seek medical advice promptly, and ask the specialist to thoroughly treat it to prevent acute inflammation and chronic inflammation, leading to prolonged disease, long-term unhealed, affecting life, work and study.

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