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What is the cause of ear deafness?

Chinese people have always paid little attention to hearing. The term “blindness” is well known, but “deaf” is rarely known. What’s more, even the meaning of “deaf” is even more unknown, and how to protect hearing. Say.

The old saying “Cong” is the meaning of hearing. In short, “deafness” means losing hearing, which is what we mean. Deaf people are always like losing their ears. In ancient times, they were called “total ear”. After the Chinese characters were simplified, they were called “deaf”.

Most of the deaf people are middle-aged and old, mostly accompanied by functional hearing loss. Some of them are long-term troubled by tinnitus, while others have more and more teenagers. This situation is thought-provoking.

Cause of ear deafness

A Taiwanese singer Wu Kequn, who has been writing poems for you, has been checking out the left ear deafness. He only has 6 left in his hearing. It is understood that Wu Kequn recently added his own tide because of the busy new album and the self-directed film. Brand clothing, he is working in a shaft, the mental stress is too large, leading to sudden deafness in the left ear!

The first symptom of most patients is sudden deafness, mostly unilateral ear disease, and a few have bilateral or simultaneous occurrence. Tinnitus is another important sign of sudden deafness. You don’t have to be overly nervous about a one-time, occasional, few minutes of tinnitus, but you must be alert to those that last for more than a day, or with hearing loss.

There are also some patients with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, as well as sensation of the ear or obstruction of the ear, numbness around the ear. Once you have an abnormal ear, be sure to fight against the hospital in time. Don’t be slow. Most patients with sudden deafness who are treated in a timely manner within one week of onset can return to normal hearing; after two weeks of onset, the effect of treatment is greatly reduced; after one month, the course of treatment is even worse, and it is not even fully recovered.

The stars are still like this, let alone our normal people. Xiaohai reminds everyone that in daily life, the protection of the ear must be careful and prudent. Especially for the ears, some people like to use their sharp ear spoons to dig their ears, and it becomes a habit, not uncomfortable. Today’s teenagers like to listen to songs on their headphones. It takes only a few hours to wear them. The sound is very loud. Including people who like to go to KTV, disco, these bad habits are the direct cause of deafness.

Always use the headphones to master the “60-60” principle, that is, the volume of the music does not exceed the maximum volume of 60%, the continuous listening time does not exceed 60 minutes; headphones are best to use head-mounted; try to avoid headphones when listening to music indoors In the noisy environment, try not to use headphones; pay attention to early signs of hearing loss such as tinnitus, ear nausea, dizziness, etc. The hearing damage caused by noise can be cured within one week, and most of them can be cured.


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