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Learn about signs of hearing loss and prevent deafness.

As the saying goes, “word of mouth”, inaudible, inaudible is not only a hearing disorder, but more importantly, communication barriers, unable to properly understand other people’s statements, resulting in communication difficulties. And some signs of hearing impaired, if you can understand in advance, will be very helpful for your hearing health.

Prevent deafness

Hearing impaired symptoms in communication

1, often snoring or asking the other person to repeat when talking face to face;

2, used to biasing his head to one side;

3 often misunderstands the other party’s semantics;

4 can’t be used with one heart. You can’t talk to others while reading, reading, writing, thinking about problems;

5, even in close proximity, is often difficult to hear from others, especially when things don’t matter.

The symptoms of hearing impairment are manifested in simple listening:

1, often do not notice that others are greeting you;

2, talking to men feels easier than talking to women, or just the opposite;

3, often put your hands behind your ears to increase the receiving volume;

4, watching TV or listening to the radio is significantly louder than the family asks for;

5 often asks the other party to increase the volume when making a call.

6 often complains that he can hear but can’t hear.

Hearing impaired symptoms are manifested in other problems in the ear or body: problems such as tinnitus and dizziness begin to appear, indicating that hearing is declining or is about to decline.


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