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Good sleep quality, can improve hearing properly

Many people may not realize that we actually use the brain to listen, not the ears. The brain is in charge of many important functions. It not only controls our five senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, but also manages our thoughts, memories and speech, arm and leg movements, and the functions of many organs in our body that are vital to our survival.


Good sleep and good hearing



Although sleep needs vary from person to person and are related to age, activity, and other factors, in general, average adults need seven to eight hours of sleep per day. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 30% of Americans sleep less than six hours, and about five to seventy million Americans suffer from sleep disorders leading to insomnia.


1, avoid drinking alcohol and coffee and smoking before going to bed;

2, exercise regularly, but at least three hours before going to bed;

3, relax regularly before going to bed, avoid active thinking (such as taking a bath or relaxing in a hot bath);

4, create a comfortable sleeping environment, dark light, quiet environment, it is best to be cool and comfortable;

5, sleeping in a quiet, dark and relaxed environment, neither hot nor cold;

6, packs the bed comfortably and only for sleeping. Not lying in bed reading, watching TV or listening to music;

7, avoid eating too much before going to bed;

8, remember: good sleep makes your brain healthy and sensitive so that the brain can keep all functions, including speech and speech understanding, at their best;

9, sleep at night, get up in the morning;

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