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Immediate intervention after hearing loss


Immediate treatment after hearing loss

1. Better listening allows you to have better communication and more joy

Studies have shown that 69.7% of hearing loss people have improved interpersonal relationships after wearing hearing aids, while 35.5% of hearing loss people have improved their lives by wearing hearing aids.

2. Without a hearing aid, it will make the brain work harder, so it is easy to feel tired, stressed and depressed.

  据Jinghao听力助听器官网了解,大约83.1 %的听损者佩戴助听辅具后,生活品质能够得到改善。

3. The listener expects to resume social life and maintain a sound stimulation of the brain.

  据Jinghao听力助听器官网了解,听损将会提高罹患忧郁症,痴呆症及心血管等疾病的风险。约有38.3 %的听损者在佩戴助听器后,改善了健康情况。

4. After hearing the sound, the brain will forget the sound.

The later the hearing aid is worn, the more difficult it is for the brain to sound after wearing the hearing aid.

5. The hearing loss is more likely to get sick and the salary is less than the normal hearing person.

Foreign studies have shown that the proportion of leave taken for one year is found to be 15% higher than that of normal people. It has also been found that the salary of the hearing loss is often below average.

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