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Three preventive measures for noise-induced hearing loss

自十八世纪工业革命以来,各项产业的快速发展使得人类物质生活变的富裕,然而伴随而来的却是对环境各种不等程度的破坏,其中一项因应人类文明而产生的文明病即为噪音性听力损失(Noise induced hearing loss–NIHL),此亦为职业性听力损失的主要原因。由于其导因是环境中的噪音,所以其形成并非不可抗拒,为了能对其有所预防,对噪音性听力损失有所认识便成今日重要的课题。


Hearing loss measures



The first level of prevention refers to the prevention of harmful noise to the human body. For example: use less noisy equipment, change working methods, set up soundproofing equipment, use ear muffs or earplugs, canal caps, etc.

The second level of prevention, that is, regular hearing tests, can detect the effects of harmful mechanisms (ie, hearing loss) early.

The third level of prevention, improve and reduce the damage of the aids, such as the selection of appropriate hearing aids, so as not to cause more damage.

In addition to reducing the noise impact through the use of protective tools, the professional workplace should also be recommended and used to assess the noise level of the workplace, including hearing tests, questionnaires, follow-up examinations, hearing protection promotion and education, and hearing protection. Suggestions for related equipment.


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