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Five ways to prevent hearing loss


Method of preventing hearing loss

First, a reasonable diet

Eat less sweet, salty and thick foods every day to prevent arteriosclerosis and produce inner ear ischemia, resulting in hearing loss.

Second, avoid earing, often massage

Digging ear is a bad habit. It is easy to touch the ear canal, causing infection, inflammation, and even damage to the tympanic membrane. When the ear canal is itchy, you can use a small cotton swab to dip a little glycerin or alcohol to gently wipe the ear canal. Adhere to the sputum and hearing points before and after the earlobe can increase the blood circulation of the inner ear and protect the hearing.

Third, quit smoking and alcohol

Because tobacco and alcohol have a toxic effect on the auditory nerve, especially the nicotine in the tobacco enters the blood, causing paralysis of small blood vessels, slow blood flow, increased viscosity, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, which causes deafness.

Fourth, to avoid noise damage

The noise makes the hearing that originally started to decline more likely to fatigue, causing the tiny blood vessels of the inner ear to be paralyzed, reducing the blood supply to the inner ear and causing hearing loss. Therefore, listening to music, watching TV and listening to music on headphones should not put the volume too large, usually placed around 85 decibels.

5. Maintain a happy mood and participate in exercise.

Excessive fatigue and mental stress can cause inner ear ischemia and affect hearing, such as anger, liver fire and so on. Usually take part in the exercise that you can do, such as outings, morning walks, tai chi, etc., can promote blood circulation, strengthen the blood supply to the inner ear, and delay organ aging.


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