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Several causes of tinnitus



Causes of tinnitus

1, neck disease

Swelling of the neck or other neck disease, when the carotid artery is compressed, can cause tinnitus on one side of the pressure. This type of tinnitus is characterized by persistence, low tone, and the degree of tinnitus can vary with body position.

2, symptoms of poisoning

Commonly used antibiotics such as gentamicin, streptomycin, kanamycin, etc., have toxic effects on the auditory nerve and vestibular nerve. Tinnitus can occur in the early stages, and this tinnitus is often high-pitched and bilateral. If you do not stop the drug in time, it can quickly develop into deafness, and it is difficult to reverse.

3, ear disease

Conductive tinnitus can occur when foreign bodies in the ear, swelling of the inflammation, obstruction of the eardrum, internal sound, perforation, middle ear effusion or infection, and ear sclerosis. This type of tinnitus is characterized by unilaterality, that is, tinnitus occurs on one side of the lesion, and the pitch is low and rhythmic, such as “rumbling sound” and “bombing”.

4, neurasthenia

Tinnitus is also significantly related to social environment and psychological factors. Tinnitus can also occur when a person’s mood is depressed and anxious. People with neurasthenia often have tinnitus. This kind of tinnitus is high and low, mostly bilateral, accompanied by headache, dizziness, insomnia, and more dreams.

In addition, when the body is weak, due to insufficient blood vessel tension, local blood supply is poor and tinnitus is caused. The motherland medicine thinks it is a manifestation of kidney deficiency.

5, noise damage

Short-lived strong noise or long-term repeated noise (such as occupational noise, rock and disco music, strong volume stereo headphones, etc.) can cause hearing loss with tinnitus and dizziness, and severe auditory hallucinations and neurasthenia.


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