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Deafness and prevention of deafness

What are the hazards of deafness?


(1) Leaders and colleagues can’t hear clearly, fearing that others will misunderstand or affect their work, they are always worried;

(2) The family talks with you, often “disregarding”, answering questions and asking questions, affecting the harmonious atmosphere at home;

(3) It is often unclear to make a phone call or watch TV. The volume is louder and louder, and the family and neighbors are noisy;

(4) The old man can’t hear, the content of voice information input into the brain is reduced, and the ability of the brain to distinguish sound information is further reduced, which further aggravates the obstacles of hearing. The speech speed is accelerated, and the brain can’t distinguish and deal with the sound information. To the sound, do not understand the meaning. In this way, the elderly are even more reluctant to communicate with others, and they hear less, often causing the elderly to be lonely, depressed or have a bad temper, declining quality of life, and some are also susceptible to senile dementia;

(5) Studies at home and abroad have shown that children with mild to moderate hearing loss can affect their language development and intellectual development.

Therefore, we must care and protect our ears as we care and protect our eyes.

Deafness and prevention of deafness

How to prevent the occurrence of deafness?


2, avoiding long-term noise and excessive knocking damage to hearing; actively preventing various bacteria and viruses from infecting the ear.

3, for some high-risk groups with hearing loss, such as those with familial deafness; workers exposed to strong noise for a long time; newborns with viral infection during pregnancy, should regularly check and track their hearing status. Once hearing problems are found, rehabilitation should be performed as soon as possible, which will greatly reduce the occurrence and harm of deafness.

4, if there is hearing impairment, should be reviewed regularly and appropriate treatment and rehabilitation measures should be taken to prevent further hearing loss.

What are the treatment and rehabilitation methods for deafness?

Drug treatment: short-term deafness occurs to improve the inner ear microcirculation, listening to hair cell nutrition and other drug treatment. Because the inner ear hair cells of the sensorineural hearing loss are necrotic and can not be regenerated, the medication is not omnipotent. The longer the deafness is, the smaller the cure may be. For example, 1-3 Weekly can be treated with drugs, and 3 weeks are not effective.

Hearing aids: The most practical and effective means of hearing compensation and rehabilitation for sensorineural deafness or loss of medication and surgical opportunities.

Cochlear Surgery: It is suitable for patients with extremely severe deafness who are not wearing hearing aids. It is generally considered to be better for children under 5 and those with post-linguistic sputum, but it is more expensive and limited in clinical application.

Hearing and language training:

Generally, after wearing a hearing aid, it does not mean that a new ear is installed. The hearing aid user also needs to have a process of re-learning and exercising slowly. The degree of deafness is different from the age and other factors. A process of adaptation and training is summarized as follows:

Hearing training: After wearing hearing aids, deaf patients gradually develop their listening habits and improve their ability in auditory perception, auditory attention, auditory comprehension and memory.

Language training: training children to speak, lip reading, and then understand and accumulate vocabulary, master grammar rules, flexible and accurate expression of thoughts and feelings. Through the joint efforts of teachers and parents, the deaf children can truly listen, speak and not be dumb.

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