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The culprit of children’s deafness

1. Drugs

The drugs that cause caries mainly include aminoglycosides, salicylic acids, antitumor drugs, and alcohols. Common streptomycin, dihydrostreptomycin, neomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin, vancomycin, zirconia, tobramycin, paromomycin, polymyxin B , quinine, aspirin, etc.

Preventive measures: Drug-induced convulsions can be prevented. During pregnancy (especially within 3 months), mothers should ban some drugs that damage the inner ear of the fetus, such as streptomycin. For people with a family history of drug-induced deafness, care should be taken when using drugs. If it is not necessary, start with the minimum dose. It is forbidden to use drugs that are serious to the auditory nerve damage to children. For example, neomycin has the highest toxicity to the inner ear, and can cause binaural sensorineural hearing loss after use. Streptomycin sulfate and dihydrostreptomycin, the former damages the vestibular organs, the latter destroys the cochlear organs. When ototoxic drugs must be used, they should be closely observed, especially with regard to the presence or absence of tinnitus, dizziness, etc., to achieve early detection and early measures.

2. otitis media

Due to the anatomical structure of the eustachian tube, the child often causes bacterial infection in the middle ear cavity and acute suppurative otitis media when he catches the cold and sucks the milk or nausea or vomiting in the flat position. When the pus in the middle ear cavity increases, the child will cry because of the increased ear pain. The pressure of the pus in the middle ear cavity will also cause the perforation and rupture of the tympanic membrane. If you do not seek medical treatment or treatment is not thorough, it will cause chronic suppurative otitis media, and the impact on hearing will become increasingly serious.

Preventive measures: otitis media is divided into acute otitis media and chronic otitis media. Acute otitis media is an acute suppurative inflammation of the middle ear mucosa, which is most common in the eustachian tube. Cold is one of the main causes of otitis media. Preventing colds can reduce the chance of otitis media.

Incorrect snoring can also lead to otitis media. The correct method of blowing the nose: use your finger to hold one side of the nostril, use a little force to pull out the nose of the other side of the nostrils, and use the same method to rub the other side. If the infant is breast-feeding in the supine position, because the eustachian tube of the child is relatively straight, and the lumen is short, the inner diameter is wide, and the milk can cause otitis media through the eustachian tube into the middle ear. Therefore, the mother should take the seat when feeding the child, hold the baby in an oblique position, and suck the milk vertically.

3. Trauma

When the child is naughty, some parents violently give the children a few slaps; during the festive season, the firecrackers suddenly explode in the child’s ear, and the huge air waves hit the tympanic membrane in the ear canal; when the ear hits the water surface during swimming, the above external force will cause the tympanic membrane to rupture. Perforation directly causes hearing loss.

Precautionary measures: Parents should pay more attention to their actions and avoid accidents. Pay attention to the distance when setting off firecrackers, and pay attention to safety when swimming. Anti-smashing, rubbing your ears and slapping ears are harmful to your ears.

4. Perioral lesions

Lesions of adjacent organs around the ear, sometimes involving the middle ear cavity, cause hearing loss. Such as rhinitis, paranasal sinusitis, tonsillitis and so on.

Preventive measures: With active treatment of the disease, it should not be taken lightly.


When the child screams that the ear is itchy, some parents will use their hair clips, short sticks, sweater needles, etc. to blindly dig in the child’s ears. At this time, as long as there is a slight negligence or accidental collision with others, it is easy to puncture the thin tympanic membrane deep in the ear canal of the child, causing the tympanic membrane to rupture and perforate, which not only causes earache and bleeding, but also directly causes the outer ear and the middle ear cavity. In the same way, the bacteria will take advantage of it and cause infection. The tympanic membrane is involved in sound conduction, and if the tympanic membrane perforation directly affects children’s hearing.

Precautionary measures: 掏 “ear deaf” is best to use a cotton swab, gently rotate in the external auditory canal, then the ear is facing down, you can come out on your own; do not form ear habits and frequently dig ears, generally 1 weeks 1 times, but in dust More places or people with “oil ear” can be shorter. If the ear is not rubbed for a long time, it may form a sputum embolism. At this time, it should be taken out by the hospital with special equipment.

6. noise

Compared with adults, children are more susceptible to noise, damage to hearing, and often their hearing is gradually reduced without any perception. Although hearing aids can help children hear the sound, just as myopia does not cure vision, hearing aids cannot fundamentally heal hearing damage.

Precautions: Avoid children in a noisy environment for a long time, avoiding the common sources of noise pollution in life, such as TV, or high-volume stereo. When there is a long period of noise around the child, it is best for the parents to bring the earplugs to protect the hearing, or take the child away from the source of pollution. Make sure that all heating equipment and refrigeration appliances in the home meet the standards of noise in terms of noise, and pay attention to whether children have noise pollution sources in school and other living environments.

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