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Tinnitus patients pay attention to the three misunderstandings of tinnitus



Treating the misunderstanding of tinnitus

One: It is a minor illness that does not affect the food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Deafness and tinnitus caused by lesions in the ear itself is only a minority, and more deafness and tinnitus caused by lesions in other parts of the body account for about 80%. Deafness and tinnitus are manifested in the ear, but it is actually a warning of lesions in other parts of the body. The ear has a direct relationship with the heart, kidney, liver, spleen and lung. It is closely related to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestive system, urinary system, respiratory system, blood system and endocrine system. To cure the tinnitus and deafness, we must first consider the cure of the primary hair. Sexual viscera lesions, for the cause of the disease root, symptomatic treatment, tinnitus and deafness can be cured.

Second, tinnitus and deafness are not cured, can not cure

Many patients with deafness and tinnitus are delayed in treatment and can not be cured, delaying the condition, tinnitus and deafness lasting for many years or even twenty or thirty years, after five or sixty years old, tinnitus, head lice, hearing loss is urgently into hospital treatment. And look forward to eating a few drugs like a cold, just a few days to needle, this is not in line with the healing logic. Practice has proved that deafness and tinnitus can achieve early detection, early prevention and early treatment, and the cure rate is up to 95%, and it can achieve good curative effect, less money, short time, quick effect, no sequelae. .

Three, one is good, everything is good

After treatment, many patients have recovered or basically recovered from deafness, hearing loss or normal recovery, and they are naturally happy. They have a good psychological, life-long worry-free, blindly optimistic thoughts, giving up or completely abandoning their self-protection consciousness. After the cure,

The phenomenon of recurrence.

It should be known that the auditory nerve function has been treated after a long period of damage. Although the patient’s symptoms are obviously improved, the nerve function is still weak, and it will not return to normal in a short time. It takes about half a year to protect and nursed back to the process. Pay attention to prevent colds, abuse antibiotics, big fish and big meat, drink and play cards, don’t pay attention to rest, overwork, life is irregular, interfere with noise, do not control and adjust your mentality, it is easy to relapse, so that the early treatment is not enough, not only It has caused physical pain and financial burden to himself, and it has caused certain difficulties for the treatment of doctors.

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