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The damage of noise to our hearing cannot be ignored


Hearing loss

Netizen: My grandfather used to be a soldier. He was an artilleryman on the army. Now 70 is over a year old, but now the hearing loss of the ear is very serious. Many times we can’t hear him, as if his hearing is worse than other peers. what happend?

Expert: Because the shells explode and emit loud sounds, long-term in such an environment will cause damage to some structures of our ears, so the hearing loss will be more serious in later years.

Netizen: My uncle seems to be a little deaf, and talking to him is more loud to hear, and watching TV has to be loud enough to be heard. He used to work in a textile machinery factory.

Expert: Because the textile machinery factory is full of mechanical sounds all day, and the mechanical sound is relatively large, people are in a relatively large voice for a long time, which will cause greater damage to our hearing, so your uncle is in the machinery factory. Caused by long-term work in a noisy environment.

Netizen: I am a young man. I often wear earbuds to listen to MP3, but now my friend told me that talking to me is a little louder than usual, and my listening to music is louder than others. They suspected that I had a problem with my hearing. Let me check it out. Is it true that I am hearing problems?

Expert: It is not a good habit to listen to music with earplugs. After a long time, it will damage your hearing. It is best not to wear earphones to listen to music. If you must wear it, wear headphones, and the time of listening to music should not exceed 60 minutes. The volume of listening music should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, as you said above. It may be that your hearing has a problem. It is recommended that you go to a professional institution to check it, or go to our Haisheng Hearing to test. We have a professional hearing tester to detect your hearing.

There are still many patients like this. We just extracted the communication from three netizens and experts to us. From the above communication, we can easily find that these people have a common feature of deafness. Both are in a noisy environment. Therefore, noise is one of the important causes of deafness symptoms.

Nowadays, noise has become a kind of public nuisance. It is one of the three major social nuisances in the world. It is often in high-intensity noise, which will cause great harm to hearing. Therefore, we should try to avoid being in a relatively noisy environment and try to be active in a quieter environment. What level of sound is defined as harmful noise? Continuous noise above 85 decibels and noise in the form of pulses above 140 decibels are harmful noises. The places where these harmful noises are emitted are usually: industry, transportation, entertainment, firecrackers, military, etc. The harm of noise to the human body is not only hearing, but also a certain degree of damage to the nerves, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and so on.

The loss of noise to human hearing can be divided into two types: one is temporary – reversible transformation; the other is permanent – irreversible transformation. For reversible transformational hearing loss, we should actively take measures to restore our hearing, but do not think that we can restore hearing, we will not pay attention to this hearing loss, if the next time is irreversible hearing loss, then you will never Return to normal hearing, so protect your hearing and take care of your hearing, no matter what the situation.

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