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How to choose a hearing aid for children

Infant and childhood (0-3 years old) is a critical period for the development of human language. For children with hearing loss, listening to them as early as possible during this period can establish a basis for their comprehensive recovery and development of future speech. The principle of children’s choice of hearing aids can be simply summarized as “three mornings”, that is, the rehabilitation training based on the principle of “three early” should be carried out with the help of hearing aids as early as possible: early diagnosis, early intervention (using hearing aid products), early rehabilitation ( Perform language training). Once you have missed this period of recovery, it is very difficult for children to master the language.

In the process of selecting a hearing aid for a child, the performance requirements for the hearing aid are usually higher. Children’s learning of language is actually a process of imitating speech. Only when they hear clear and complete speech signals can they pronounce correctly and correct the pronunciation of mistakes. Therefore, the higher the definition of the hearing aid, the higher the comfort, the clearer and more complete the sound the child hears, and the greater the hearing help for the child. In order to develop the language expression ability, feel the sounds of nature, and integrate into the normal children’s group, the child can generally recommend low-weight and above all-digital hearing aid products to obtain satisfactory rehabilitation effects. .

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In addition, binaural hearing aids are very important for hearing loss children, and it is a key means to further shorten the hearing rehabilitation cycle and improve hearing aids. Especially for children who are in the rapid growth period, the ability of the brain and the auditory nerve to process sound signals is gradually developed. Wearing hearing aids on both ears can make children listen more comfortable, clear, sound natural, and build up faster. The bilateral brain and the auditory nerve are connected to the sound, and the three-dimensional and spatial sense of the sound are felt, and the auditory memory function is more easily established, thereby achieving a better hearing rehabilitation effect.

It should be reminded that the listening needs of children of different ages are different, and the corresponding hearing aid performance is also different.

0-3 has not yet mastered the language. First, it must be able to perceive different sounds and kinds of sounds, then recognize the meaning of different sounds, and then imitate the language and learn to speak. Therefore, the segmentation compression function of the hearing aid must satisfy the listening comfort of different loudness sounds, while the full digital hearing aid above the mid-range can provide better speech intelligibility, help children to improve their listening ability, learn pronunciation and accumulate vocabulary.

Compared with 3-6 children, 0-3 has mastered some languages. What they need is to correct pronunciation and make the teeth clear. Children with hearing impairment at this stage generally need to go to a language school or kindergarten to learn. The content of listening is increasing, and the listening environment is complicated. They need to be able to distinguish words in a relatively noisy environment. Therefore, the all-digital noise reduction function of the hearing aid and the directional function of the environment recognition can help them to listen to the words and master more words and sentences in a complex environment.

Children with hearing disabilities over the age of 6 will generally enter normal primary school after the previous two stages of language training. They will integrate into the normal children’s group to develop language skills. At this point, listening needs become more complicated. They need to learn foreign languages, participate in group activities, and develop the ability to communicate with the outside world. Therefore, the performance requirements of hearing aids are higher. It is generally recommended that the hearing aid be used in conjunction with the FM FM language training system to ensure a signal-to-noise ratio in a noisy environment, and a relatively aesthetically pleasing and invisible hearing aid can be selected.

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