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Hearing care

The ear is the only way we can listen to the outside world. We often ignore its health. To know how to protect the hearing of the ear, we must first understand what causes the deafness and what types of deafness. According to the nature of deafness, there are roughly three types:

Conductive deafness

1,Conductive deafness

Deafness caused by obstacles in the conduction process due to congenital or acquired causesConductive deafness. Common diseases are: congenital external and ear malformations, various types of otitis media, ear trauma, ear canalEmbolization.Otosclerosis and so on.

2, sensorineural deafness

a deformity or lesion of the inner ear due to congenital or acquired causes, causing the nerve to the brainAuditory centerConducting an auditory signal, resulting in deafness caused by the disorder. Common diseases are: congenital inner ear malformation,Drug-induced deafness,Viral infection(MumpsWait),KnockingNoise,Sudden deafnessOld age,Acoustic neuromaWait. Among them, drug-induced deafness is most common. Such asStreptomycinImproper use causes a lot of hoarseness in children.

Mixed deafness

3, mixed deafness

It is characterized by the characteristics of both types of deafness. The common diseases are:Otitis mediaFor many years, without systemic treatment, it eventually led to mixed sputum.

So how can we protect our ears as much as possible?

in life

Touching your ears every day can prevent deafness and earsAuditory organIt is able to distinguish the various sounds of nature and maintain the balance of the body. Usually pay attention to adjust the mood, keep the mood comfortable, diet should be based on light, protect the function of the ear.

Working noise

At work

In the working environment, avoid or reduce noise damage to the ear as much as possible, and the noise of the surrounding environment should not exceed 65 decibels. If you work in an environment where the noise exceeds 65 decibels, take appropriate measures (such as wearing earplugs or earmuffs) to protect your hearing, otherwise it will cause permanent hearing loss.

When taking a bath or swimming

When taking a bath or swimming

Pay attention to prevent sewage from entering the ear canal and avoid inducing ear canal infection. If sewage enters the ear canal, use a sterile cotton swab to dry the water and disinfect with a little alcohol if necessary. Try not to dig ear mites, because deafness has a protective effect on the ear canal and can be discharged by itself. If the ear canal is too much to block the ear canal, please consult the otologist.



Pressing the thumb and forefinger against the auricleEar screenFocus on pressing the corresponding points on the outer nose, inner nose, throat, etc., requiring a pressure and a loose, moderate force, and a certain pain. Or use the thumb and forefinger as opposed to the three-legged socket on the auricle, the tragus, the back of the tragus, etc., and focus on the acupoints such as the Shenmen, the halo, the brain, and the insomnia. These two methods can prevent deafness, and can also have a good effect on colds and insomnia.

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