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How helpful is the hearing aid to the elderly?

When people enter old age, their body functions gradually decline, and diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat and other common diseases in the elderly can cause degenerative changes of the whole body organs. Hearing is also most susceptible to these factors. As the hearing of the elderly declines, they are increasingly unable to understand the conversations of others. In the family, they often sit silently and the quality of life is greatly affected. At first, the family will increase their voices to talk to them, but because they often don’t answer questions, they often fight, and gradually, whether they are at home or chatting with neighbors, they become outsiders, becoming irritated, lonely, and even eccentric. Later, even his wife felt overwhelmed.

Communicating with people is a basic spiritual need of people. Psychologists believe that it is not only conversation, music, and the voice of nature, but also plays a considerable role in maintaining people’s mental health. But as the hearing declines, these pleasant sounds will gradually disappear from life. What an unfortunate thing!

Many elderly people have spent a lifetime in their lives. It doesn’t matter if it sounds like a hard work. It is not going to be equipped with hearing aids. Older people are mostly neurological hearing loss, often with high frequency hearing loss. The first thing that the elderly can’t hear first is the treble (such as the initials in Chinese Pinyin, s, ch, etc.), while the reception of the bass (corresponding to the finals in Pinyin) is generally unaffected. The result is audible and it is not clear what the word is. I often snoring, and “angry” has become a “listening”, meaning that it is completely twisted. Hearing aids can be used to amplify high-pitched sounds for the characteristics of senile hearing loss. And it can be done “light and multi-amplification, strong sound and less amplification”, the sound after wearing is relatively soft. Of course, the price is also an important factor that restricts the choice of hearing aids for the elderly.

Many elderly people do not want to use hearing aids, mostly related to the bad impression when using old hearing aids. In addition, the elderly will inevitably inquire about the use of hearing aids before the hearing aids. Since a large number of elderly hearing aids are not purchased in hospitals or regular franchise stores, but are purchased in stores, the quality cannot be guaranteed. The feelings they use can make people mistakenly think that the help of the hearing aid does not help people.

In recent years, electronic technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, which has also driven the hearing aid industry into the digital age. Now the new all-digital hearing aid has a small internal computer chip, which has a fast calculation speed. It can filter noise to a certain extent through frequency analysis, improve the signal-to-noise ratio, and use a directional microphone. Accurately align the moving sound source and suppress unwanted noise to selectively enhance the speech. For example, if the elderly go to a public place, the hearing aid can reduce the noise of the surrounding background by directional microphone.

However, despite the rapid development of hearing aid technology, any kind of hearing aid is only a means of rehabilitation. It is helpful for the hearing of the elderly but does not have a therapeutic effect. Therefore, it is impossible to return to the same level as normal ears. The family should understand the suffering of the elderly’s hearing loss, speak slowly when speaking, and pay attention to communication skills, such as sitting opposite the old man, so that the elderly can see the mouth shape. When chatting, you can tell the old man what to talk about, don’t rush to change the topic, so that the elderly can join in the exchange with knowledge and experience.

Experts remind that hearing aid selection is risky, and improper matching can damage hearing. For example, we know that strong noise can damage hair cells in the ear. Improperly chosen hearing aids can make the sound louder, which exacerbates the process. Therefore, it is recommended that hearing-impaired people do not “buy” a hearing aid by themselves or by their family, but should “fit” a hearing aid according to the situation. Ideally, go to the hospital or a regular franchise center to find a specialist to help you choose. After the hearing test, the option will selectively amplify at different frequencies according to the patient’s specific conditions, thus ensuring the effect and minimizing possible damage.

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