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What do older people need to pay attention to when wearing hearing aids?

For the first time people who use hearing aids, basically everyone has a good desire to buy a hearing aid that is not cheap in China at home or with their family. After I bought it, I always felt that I was wearing a hearing aid. I should go to the park, chat with old folks, watch TV, listen to the radio, etc. However, as a first-line fitter, it is always possible to receive some elderly people who “accused” hearing aids, and they are not able to communicate in any environment as before.

The reasons are as follows:

1, a few people chatting together, chatting with others is not good;

2, TV still can’t hear clearly;

3, too messy, annoyed, unwilling to wear, put it aside;

4, I can usually hear it, that is, when there are guests or other occasions, I will wear it, but I don’t hear much, and so on.

In fact, the premise of the hearing aid is a word of “help”. It is the aid, the meaning of help. In the process of hearing, the hearing aid amplifies the sound, and after the ear receives the amplified signal, the electric signal needs to be converted into an acoustic signal, and the process is completed in the brain of the old man, especially the auditory center. This change depends on the existing level of the elderly, that is, the recognition of the sound and the degree of understanding.

During the daily consultation process, it is often found that the elderly ask to hear others whisper. Or the elderly with low resolution want to hear the normal chat content of others around them. I can’t hear the blame on the hearing aid itself, and I think it didn’t play its due role. But in fact, the use of hearing aids is most effective in face-to-face and distance within two or three meters. Chatting with the elderly who wear hearing aids, it is best to talk about topics of interest to the elderly, and slow down. Because of the age relationship of the elderly, most have shown a slow response. It is because of the slow response, the speed of speech or even the normal speed of speech can not respond, blame the hearing aid does not work, I think the hearing aid is also shouting.

Wearing a hearing aid will bring great convenience to the daily life of the elderly, but this is not the whole of life. Some old people still feel that they are wearing a mess and are not willing to wear it. In this case we need to treat it differently. For example, because the hearing aid is the earliest box machine or a simple hand-tuning machine, the sound is amplified at full frequency and cannot be noise-reduced. It is necessary to choose a digital machine with better noise reduction effect. If it is because the adjustment is not suitable, the fitter needs to make reasonable adjustments. If the noise reduction effect of the digital machine does not reach the expectations of the elderly, it is best for the elderly to try to reduce the noise effect of the machine and make some comparisons in order to be more confident in the value of the hearing aid.

There was once an old man who was very typical. Choosing a machine with good performance in all aspects, I think that I usually listen better, basically do not wear. It is usually worn when you are at home or want to listen to TV. But in fact, the elderly did not get the desired listening effect on this occasion. It is still unclear to reflect the wear. Here we briefly analyze why this is the case. First of all: the old man feels that he usually listens well, so he has nothing to wear. We asked the family of the elderly to come to a conclusion that the old man listened well to what he thought. Taking myself as a reference, I psychologically think that I have heard every sentence, and I have a way to give myself the correct response. However, family members sometimes listen to it, and words with similar pronunciations are easy to listen to. But not very powerful. So it is rare to point out the mistakes of the elderly. Secondly: psychologically think that hearing is not heavy enough to wear a hearing aid, so put it aside. However, when you need to use the hearing aid, you want to see the effect of the hearing aid immediately, without exercising or listening. Just like a newbie wearing a hearing aid, it is natural that it will not get good results without getting through the adaptation period and developing a good habit of listening to the hearing aid. Any good result is accumulated by a certain time process. Without this exercise process, it has unrealistic expectations for the hearing aid, and naturally it will feel disappointed.

So choose a hearing aid. It is important to have a reasonable expectation. Old people can do their own psychological construction. Tell yourself that today is better than yesterday. For example, the face-to-face communication with people was not smooth, and it is now smooth. It is progress. After half a year, it is better to wear than half a year ago. For example, after six months of listening and listening, it is a big improvement to be able to communicate with three people at the same time. After one year, I can communicate with people in a slightly chaotic environment. I am not afraid of noise, basically understand the meaning, or even better. This is a more obvious improvement. This psychological construction work hopes that every old man will do it. Because this can give you better listening and results than expected based on psychological expectations. You will therefore be more likely to be satisfied, more acceptable to the benefits of hearing aids, rather than just staring at the disadvantages of hearing aids. Because the downside of hearing aids is not a substitute for our own ears. The role of the auxiliary device is to help us, not to give us more trouble. Accept it, establish reasonable expectations for the hearing aid, stick to it, listen to the wearing problem and communicate with the applicator in time. In order to achieve the above, the good listening experience will become a higher than expected. .

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