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Will you be deaf when you are older?

When the age is up, there will be various changes in the physiology, so there are many morphological words used to “describe” the elderly: the head of the child (describes hair loss and tooth loss), the deafness of the eyes (describes the old age and the presbyopia). If there are symptoms such as brain atrophy, it will be said to be “old confused”. These words may not sound comfortable, but they do exist objectively and cannot be avoided.

Regarding the elderly, one of the oldest medical books in China, “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, has the theory of “fifty years, weight, and ears are not smart.” It seems that the health level of modern people is still much stronger than that of the ancients. Because modern people are around 50 years old, most of them are good. Some people even go to the age of seven or eighty, and their ears are not bad.

There are differences in people’s physique, plus the influence of environmental factors, living habits, etc., and the situation of each person is different. Some people suffer from senile sputum earlier and progress faster; some suffer from late deafness and slower progress, but the hearing function of people decreases with age, which is definitely no doubt.

In a lifetime, from embryonic development to birth, growth, to aging, death, all organs and functions have a process of its occurrence, development and aging. Of course, the hearing is also the same. When people are born, their hearing is still poor. It takes XIXX~1 to develop to the level of normal people. Adolescence is the best time of hearing in a lifetime, and it begins to decline in the future.

The human ear is mainly listening to the language, and the listening conditions required to listen to the language are not very high. For example, listening to Chinese, the main frequency components are below 3000Hz. If the human ear can hear 2000Hz, there is no difficulty in listening to the language sound; as for the sound The intensity of the human language, as long as the sound is heard, the sound pressure level will not be less than 30 decibels. If the hearing loss does not exceed 25 decibels, the deafness will not be felt, that is, the hearing level of normal people is Very wealthy, people’s hearing declines, it is slow, usually until 60~70 years old, it affects the function of listening to language.

How does this aging of hearing occur? The reason is that the blood supply to the cochlear tissue in the inner ear of the elderly is degraded by the aging of the spiral structure. First, the part of the high-frequency sound is degenerated and atrophied; the nucleus of the auditory system Decreased by decay and death; the elasticity of the basement membrane is reduced and the activity is not working; the calcareous deposition of the inner ear bone structure is increased, which affects the normal conduction function of the auditory nerve fibers.

The old deafness is an objective law. If you do not smoke or drink alcohol, and often pay attention to diet and physical exercise, it may delay the development of old-age deafness. In the long run, living conditions and health care are getting better and better, people’s life expectancy is getting longer and longer; and due to the control of population growth, the proportion of the elderly in the society will gradually increase in the future, and the old-age deafness will gradually increase. China should vigorously develop the hearing aid industry and seek welfare for more elderly people.

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