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Misunderstanding of hearing rehabilitation in the elderly

The seven misunderstandings that hinder the hearing rehabilitation of the elderly are:

Misunderstanding 1: It is believed that poor hearing is caused by aging, normal phenomenon;

In fact:

1. Hearing loss, timely hearing test, clear diagnosis;

2. Reasonable choice of hearing aids and scientific fitting, the earlier the wearing of hearing aids, the better the effect;

3. If you do not intervene in the hearing of elderly people with hearing impairment, it will accelerate the deterioration of hearing function and affect the quality of life in the long run.

Myth 2: Wearing a hearing aid is afraid of attracting attention;

In fact:

1. New technology has made hearing aids very hidden;

2. You can choose an ear canal hearing aid hidden in the ear canal;

3. You can also choose a behind-the-ear hearing aid hidden in your hair;

Myth #3: Hearing aids are like noise amplifiers, which are not only unclear but very noisy;

In fact:

Today’s hearing aids have been digitized to reduce noise and indicate speech intelligibility, but must be professionally fitted and debugged by a hearing aid fitter to achieve the desired results.

Myth 4: A good hearing aid is going to be thousands or even tens of thousands, and the price is a bit unacceptable;

In fact:

Good hearing aids look expensive, but they are sound good and fully automatic. The quality of life has improved and it is worth it.

Myth 5: Even wearing a hearing aid can’t get me back to normal hearing;

In fact:

The hearing aid is only for you to listen to the sound, and the expensive hearing aid can not achieve the effect of the real ear, the appropriate expectations for the hearing aid, and the adaptive training of the hearing aid, you will slowly accept this hearing aid and find it for you Life brings a lot of convenience.

Myth 6: I just wear one;

In fact:

Single ear fittings or binaural hearing aids can vary from person to person. Hearing is not good for both ears, and hearing aids should be worn at both ears. The advantage is that the left and right sound source directions can be distinguished, and the selective listening ability is higher than that of the single ear fitting hearing aid in a noisy environment. However, the wearing of the ears is more obvious, which makes people feel uncomfortable and needs a longer adaptation period.

Myth 7: Wearing a hearing aid, hearing will get worse and worse;

In fact:

Without hearing aids, hearing is getting worse. After the hearing aid is fitted, the speed of hearing loss can be alleviated.

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