Caring for your parents’ hearing health, please start now!

When it comes to filial piety, many classic sentences and examples will appear in our minds. “The tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps on, and the child wants to be nurtured but the relative is absent”, “The lamb kneels on the breast, the crow feeds back”, “The filial piety comes first”, but what exactly is filial piety, how do we interpret it?As a hearing aid optician, I will speak from my perspective.

Caring for your parents’ hearing health, please start now!

有一位70岁的大娘,听力不是很好。她的儿子在外地工作,听说助听器对大娘的听力有帮助,便赶回家带大娘来选Hearing aid,大娘试戴了一台中国产领航90耳背机,效果很理想。可是大娘觉得自己年纪大了,听不见就算了,死活不愿买。两天后,大娘的儿子偷偷的买了那台Hearing aid。我由衷的为大娘高兴,她有一个这样孝顺的好儿子。

Many parents always call their children expectantly: When will you go home, children?But we always say that we can’t spare time to go home.Gradually, I found that my mother’s ears became bad. We had to repeat every sentence we said several times. On the other end of the phone, she still said the same sentence: When will you go home?

We always want to wait until we earn more money to take our parents to travel and buy a new house for our parents; perhaps we think that when we make a lot of money, we can let our parents enjoy themselves, enjoy life, and take care of their lives.However, we have overlooked the most important point-the health of the parents.

Have you ever paid attention to your parents?

Did you find that mother’s spatula is no longer sharp?

Have you found that your father’s flowers and trees have gradually become deserted?

Do you find that they are slow to cross the road?

One day, you will find that they no longer like to go out…

One day, you find that they are turning the TV sound louder and louder…

One day, you will find that they can no longer hear your “Dad, Mom”…

Love someone and always want to give him the best.I think that if you love someone, you must give him what he needs most.Don’t wait until it’s too late to want to give.Caring for your parents’ hearing health, please start now!

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