Sign language robots help hearing-impaired people enjoy barrier-free social life

“I am’Lianhe No. XNUMX’, the weather today is really good!” Qin Qian, a student from the School of Transportation Engineering of Beijing Union University, just finished speaking, and a black and white robot danced with his hands and typed in sign language.This sign language robot became the focus when it was unveiled at the defense meeting for the special prize of the XNUMXth “Challenge Cup” Capital University Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition.

According to Chinese hearing aids, the sign language robot “Lianhe No. 135” was designed by a team of students from the United Nations University. The robot is XNUMX cm tall and has a built-in control program for voice input.When people speak to the robot, the control program will convert the speech into text and issue instructions in accordance with the text, and the robot’s arm will type corresponding sign language according to the instructions.

According to China’s hearing aids, the design team of the sign language robot consists of eight undergraduates, who come from different departments such as the School of Biochemistry, School of Transportation Engineering, and Special Education School of the United Nations University.The design of the work was inspired by Yu Juntao from the School of Special Education, a hearing impaired person. “There are currently more than XNUMX million hearing impaired people in our country. Because of the low popularity of sign language, they will encounter many difficulties in their lives.” Yu Juntao expressed the original intention of designing robots in sign language. He looked forward to using sign language robots, even if The able-bodied people who do not understand sign language can communicate smoothly with the hearing impaired.

In April of this year, Yu Juntao and his companions began to design and produce sign language robots. They repeatedly debugged and modified them to strive for accurate robot sign language.The sign language “small” requires the thumb to touch the little finger.However, in a robotic hand made according to the ratio of human hands, the thumb never touches the little finger.Yu Juntao and his friends re-made and installed them, turning the ten fingers of the robotic hand into the same length and two to three centimeters longer than human fingers.The modified robot overcomes movement obstacles and makes sign language movements clearly and smoothly.

Yu Juntao and his friends hope that sign language robots can be used in hospitals, train stations, banks and other places to help hearing-impaired people enjoy barrier-free social life. “The current cost of this robot is about XNUMX yuan. We will continue to study how to reduce manufacturing costs and create opportunities for the promotion of sign language robots,” said Qin Gan, a team member.

China’s hearing aids believe that the whole society should help the hearing impaired to enjoy the barrier-free social life. We should actively build a platform for mutual understanding and communication, so that love becomes a “voice” and spreads into the hearts of the hearing impaired!

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