Hearing loss accelerates cognitive decline

A 25-year study in France showed that the cognitive ability of elderly patients with hearing loss will accelerate the decline.Studies have also shown that the use of hearing aids can effectively prevent cognitive decline.

Relevant literature shows that elderly patients with hearing loss will be accompanied by cognitive decline.However, among the elderly hearing loss patients interviewed, there was no significant difference between the cognitive ability of hearing aid users and those with normal hearing.

Helps improve listening ability

Studies have not confirmed that hearing loss has a direct causal relationship with cognitive decline. However, the impact of hearing loss on people’s psychological and social aspects may be related to cognitive decline.Therefore, the use of hearing aids or cochlear implants to improve hearing ability can reduce the negative impact of hearing loss on people’s psychology and social life, improve social skills, and slow down cognitive decline.

The researchers wrote: “Hearing aids can at least help restore some social skills, for example, regulating emotions, increasing social interaction, and improving cognitive initiative, which can slow down cognitive decline.”

The conclusion of the study is that hearing loss is related to the accelerated decline of the cognitive ability of the elderly.The use of hearing aids can slow down cognitive decline.

The importance of problem solving

The study puts forward: “Overall, these results emphasize the importance of diagnosis and treatment for elderly patients with hearing loss.”

About the research


During the research process, interviewees described their hearing loss.Researchers used a brief intelligence test (MMSE) to measure the cognitive decline of respondents.The advantage of this research is that the research takes a long time and the researchers have been tracking the interviewees.The results of the study were published in the “Journal of the American Geriatrics Society” (Journal of the American Geriatrics Society).

Kim Ruberg, Secretary-General of Hear-itAISBL, said: “We are deeply grateful to Professor Hélène Amieva for his research conclusion-the use of hearing aids can maintain the cognitive and mental health of patients with hearing loss. Although we have known about this in the past few decades, This statement has not been strongly confirmed.”

KimRuberg said: “We know from many other scientific investigations that the use of professional hearing solutions can help people with hearing loss improve their quality of life, improve their social life, and maintain stability at work. All of these can help people with hearing loss get healthier Physique, a more confident social role, and a better mental state. At present, Professor Hélène Amieva has confirmed that hearing loss is related to cognitive decline, and the cognitive level of hearing loss patients using hearing aids is comparable to that of normal hearing There is no significant difference in the population.”

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