Hearing aids help him realize his entrepreneurial dream – the story of Xu Min, a disabled person

Disabled in Qianweiying Community Xu Min was born in Qianweiying Community, Chenggong District in 1968. He suffered from hearing disabilities due to illness. He had difficulty communicating with others because of hearing impairment, but he still wanted to support himself through his own efforts, so Xu Min He left his hometown and came to Yiliang County, where he started his arduous entrepreneurial journey.

However, due to his poor hearing and inconvenient communication with others, he missed many job opportunities. He heard that hearing aids can solve his problems, but the price of hearing aids is not acceptable to him now. In 2013, the District Disabled Persons’ Federation launched a free adaptation of hearing aids and provided Xu Min with oneHearing aidWhen Xu Min put on a hearing aid to talk to someone for the first time, he discovered that his world had changed. All the voices were so clear and not vague, which provided a great help to his entrepreneurship. Later, he opened a small shop selling seeds, pesticides and fertilizers in Yiliang County. After his hard work, the business of his small shop became more and more prosperous.Now Xu Min has leased 60 acres of land in the Meadow Village Committee of Yiliang County to grow vegetables. After he and his wife have invested heavily, the vegetable cultivation on the leased land has achieved a bumper harvest.Xu Min was also engaged in greening projects while growing vegetables and also made money.Xu Min deeply realized that hearing aids allowed him to live the same life as a normal person. Hearing aids provided convenience to his self-employment and did not let him miss the opportunity to start a business.He said that through his continuous efforts, he will blaze a trail of his own entrepreneurship and be a pioneer in self-employment for the disabled in Qianweiying.

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