HIPRO programmer problem solving (XNUMX)-serial port

XNUMX. HIPRO is a hearing aid programmer,It is a terminal device that exchanges data between a computer and a hearing aid. Its main function is to write the data debugged by the computer’s fitting software into the memory of the hearing aid chip.

XNUMX. Connection form:Computer——Programmer——Hearing aid.

XNUMX. HIPRO generally has the following interface forms:

1. Serial port: also called serial communication port, also called COM port, we generally say 9-pin interface (There are also 25-pin, but the hearing aid industry generally uses 9-pin), and the standard used is generally RS-232, which is a communication standard formulated by the American electronics industry in 1962.

2. USB interface connection.

3. Bluetooth connection (wireless).

Four, 9-pin serial port HIPRO common problem processing method:

(9) Earlier motherboards all have a 2-pin serial port (under the PS/XNUMX port of the mouse and keyboard), and HIPRO can be connected directly.

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