Frequently Asked Questions about LTECH Zinc Air Battery

What are the common hearing aid battery models?

Hearing aid The battery models are divided into 10, 312, 13, and 675.Most battery manufacturers use industry-standard color codes on the product’s sealed labels and packaging to identify the battery model.

Manufacturers usually add letters before or after the battery model to indicate the factory’s reorder number.For example, 13A or R13ZA both refer to the 13th battery. 

How long can the hearing aid battery last? 

Battery life depends on the type of hearing aid, volume adjustment and wearing time.The optician will tell you the estimated battery life based on the hearing aid you are wearing. 

Why is there a seal on the zinc-air battery?

Zinc-air batteries use the air outside the battery as one of the sources of electricity.When the battery leaves the factory, the manufacturer will stick a sealing strip on the air hole of the battery to ensure that the battery is in a brand new state before it is ready for use.Do not remove the seal unless you plan to use the battery immediately.To activate the battery, just remove the seal.After removing the seal, please wait for about one minute before inserting the batteryHearing aid.This allows enough time for air to enter the battery and activate the substances in it.However, when the battery is not in use, re-attaching the seal will not extend the battery life, but will suppress the battery and cause the battery to fail to work.

The seal on the battery is squeezed by the outside during transportation or when it is taken by the user.In this case, if the battery cannot be supplied quickly after the hearing aid is installed after the battery seal is removed, please do not discard the battery, wait a few minutes more patiently, and the battery voltage will slowly return to the normal level.

How long is the shelf life of the battery in general? 

LTECH battery uses the most advanced sealing process to further improve the quality, reliability and durability of the battery, so the battery has the longest four-year shelf life on the market.

The new battery can maintain its best condition under the correct storage conditions.The battery expiry date is printed on the package card.

How to store the battery? 

Hearing aid batteries should be stored at room temperature.Please avoid placing the battery in a heat source, as heating will shorten the battery life.It is also not recommended to store at low temperature. 

理想储存温度为10℃-25℃,不得超过30℃。空气湿度避免高于95%或低于45%。电池不应散落在口袋或钱包中携带。如果电池接触到硬币或钥匙等金属物品,可能会造成短路或漏电。 为防止此类事件发生,请将不使用的电池放在原有包装或电池盒中。 

To prevent children from swallowing, please place the battery in a place where children cannot reach it.If swallowed by mistake, seek medical attention immediately.

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