Binaural matching diamond 2000 patient debugging case

The patient, Chen**, female, 19 years old, with 8 years of hearing loss. A year ago, a simulated ear canal machine was selected for both ears, but the user felt that the hearing aids were not satisfactory, and he could not hear speech even when wearing both ears. The user’s personality was rather impatient. Have been reluctant to wear it.Pure tone audiometry shows mixedHearing loss, The external auditory canal is dry and the tympanic membrane is intact.

Frequency 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Average

Left ear air conduction 80 80 55 35 30 56.6

Bone conduction hearing 40 60 40 30 35 43.3

Right ear air conduction 70 65 60 50 40 58.3

Bone conduction hearing 40 55 40 25 15 40

How do you deal with this patient?

On the same day, it is recommended to choose diamond 2000 for both ears. The assessment is as follows.One month later, the optician improved the low-frequency gain based on the evaluation. Now the user is very satisfied with the use and has repeatedly expressed his gratitude to the optician.

n Left ear hearing aid assessment 50 40 40 20 30 33.3

n Right ear hearing aid assessment 50 45 35 35 30 38


analysis:1. Considering that the user has concerns about using the headset for the first time, it is agreed that the user will try it for one month and pay after satisfaction.

            2. Diamond 2000 series hearing aids have high power, sufficient low-frequency energy and good high-frequency compensation, so they have a good effect on people with conductive hearing loss.

Link:      Binaural matching diamond 2000 patient debugging case

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