What are the methods to train babies’ hearing?

In addition to natural sounds, we can also artificially create a sound world for babies.For example: buy some toys with sound for babies-rattles, music boxes, ducks that can squeeze, etc.In addition, the baby can listen to music, and the rhythmic and beautiful music can give the baby a sense of security.They will listen very happily. Of course, the music must be played in moderation, not early in the morning until late, and it is not advisable to choose too noisy jazz and so on.It is best to be able to talk to the baby. Although he cannot answer at this time, the affectionate words of the family, especially the mother, will make the baby feel the initial emotional exchange.When the mother talks, smiles, and talks to the baby, the baby will stare at the mother’s face and seem to understand the mother’s body language.

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