Xinjiang launches deafness genetic screening for high-risk groups of hearing impaired

China Broadcasting Network Urumqi, April 4 (Reporter Zhang Xiaocheng, Correspondent Wu Xuan) “Xinjiang was launched yesterday at the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University. Ten thousand people at high risk of hearing impairment will undergo genetic screening for hereditary deafness to prevent and avoid Hearing disability occurs.

It is understood that the subjects of this screening are hearing impaired persons with hearing disability certificates and their immediate family members, suspected deaf persons with disabilities and their immediate family members confirmed on the spot by experts, newborns who voluntarily participated in the screening, and newborns who have not undergone hearing screening. The children who passed and the immediate relatives of the positive cases screened last year.

According to Wen Hao, the dean of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, the second national sample survey of persons with disabilities shows that there are 22.4 hearing impaired persons in Xinjiang, accounting for 18.1% of the total number of persons with disabilities in Xinjiang, and about 60% of hearing impairment and genetic factors. related.Studies have shown that the proportion of deaf gene carriers among deaf people in Xinjiang is higher than that of other provinces in the country.Therefore, early screening and treatment is an important way to prevent and avoid hearing disabilities.

Peng Yong, deputy secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Xinjiang Health and Family Planning Commission, introduced that through screening, various high-risk groups including those susceptible to hereditary deafness and drug-induced deafness will be found. The cochlea can prevent most hereditary deafness and the language barrier caused by it.made in ChinaHearing aid

According to reports, yesterday’s launch of the “Genetic Screening Project for Genetic Deafness in High-risk Groups of Hearing Impairment in Xinjiang” will also explore the genetic characteristics, environment, and living habits of hearing impaired people across Xinjiang for disease intervention and treatment, and establish a multi-ethnic, Multi-ethnic deafness gene sample bank and information database, perfecting the prevention and control system of hearing impairment.

Link:      Xinjiang launches deafness genetic screening for high-risk groups of hearing impaired

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