Without the sound, they “listen” to the world with their heart

Statistics show that there are 11711 people with hearing disabilities currently registered in Xianyang. After hearing compensation measures and educational intervention, most of these people can integrate into society like normal people. In their world, the night is always quiet.

Falling into a silent world at birth

At about 9 pm on September 22, in the Xianyang Rehabilitation Education School on Jianshe Road, Xianyang City, the children got up during lunch break, put on hearing aids and cochlear implants under the guidance of the teacher, and then started the afternoon class.

Lele, a 2-year-old boy (pseudonym), is a student of this school and entered in June this year.Lele was born in Xianyang rural area. When he was 6 years old, he still couldn’t speak. After his parents took him to the hospital for examination, he was found to be deaf and mute.

Lele’s parents can’t tell why the child is deaf and mute.Gao Jun, a teacher at Xianyang Rehabilitation Education School, said: “Deaf-muteness is a person who has severe deafness after birth or in early childhood, and cannot hear the voice of speaking, so that it is unable to learn to speak, or has initially learned to speak, and has lost the ability to speak due to deafness. , They are all called deaf and mute.”

At the beginning of this year, his parents installed cochlear implants for Lele, and the world of Lele began to appear sound, but Lele had no idea what it was hearing.Lele entered the school’s parent-child special training class, and Gao Jun was his listening and language training teacher. “We must first cultivate the children’s ability to detect sounds, so that they can distinguish the size, height, and length of the sound. Then, through different sounds, train the children to distinguish the sound ability, and finally let the children understand the sound.” Gao Jun said, every The time spent in each stage is different, some children need a month, and some children need several months.

Follow the announcer to speak and practice listening

There are a total of 89 students in Xianyang Rehabilitation Education School, 80% of which are hearing impaired and wear hearing aids and cochlear implants.A person in charge of the school introduced that there were many cases of deafness caused by drugs in the past, but now there are more genetic and congenital cases.Hearing disabilities are divided into 4 levels, all of which require hearing compensation measures. In severe cases, cochlear implants are required, and lighter ones are required.Hearing aid, Through educational intervention, they can communicate like normal people.

Although after hearing compensation and educational intervention, “deaf people” can communicate and live like normal people, they run into obstacles everywhere at work, and the types of work are greatly restricted.

Liu Yuting was born in 1981. Her parents were railway workers and were sent to Tangshan to support local construction.Until the age of 3, Liu Yuting still couldn’t speak.After examination, she suffered from hearing impairment and sought medical treatment in many hospitals, but the treatment was not effective.

At the age of 15, Liu Yuting began to try to wear Chinese productsHearing aid. “I felt my throat myself, and watched the speaking and listening skills of the TV announcer. One year later, my speaking ability has been greatly improved.” Liu Yuting said, “I want to look at my mouth while communicating with people. One eye and the’ear’ should be used at the same time. Without the sound, I can only listen to the world with my heart.”

After being able to communicate with people normally, Liu Yuting began to go out to find a job. After repeatedly hitting walls, she decided to start her own business.After years of hard work, Liu Yuting opened her own printing department and also served as the vice chairman of the Xianyang Deaf Association.

“Looking back on the road I have traveled over the years, although it is full of hardships and challenges, I am not depressed. I want to tell all disabled friends that as long as you are willing to walk, the road is under your feet.” Liu Yuting said.

According to the staff of the Employment Center of the Xianyang Disabled Persons’ Federation, most of the work of the hearing-impaired people is mainly based on the types of work with less communication, and their anti-interference ability is relatively strong. There are many enterprise assembly lines or workshops in Xianyang that are more willing to accept this kind of people.

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