Deaf girl wins first place in professional performance

Wang Mengmeng, a 13-level girl from Nanjing Zhengde Vocational and Technical College, comes from Shouxian Town, Feng County, Xuzhou City.He was deaf due to misuse of drugs in the first grade of elementary school.Not long ago, Wang Mengmeng’s interior design major of Zhengde College announced the comprehensive ranking of all students’ professional performance since entering the school. Among the 150 students in this major, Wang Mengmeng ranked first.Not long ago, she also won the National Encouragement Scholarship and was recommended by the school as a candidate for the “Provincial Three Good Students” and reported to the Provincial Department of Education.

The military instructors also admire her

In September 2013, Wang Mengmeng entered Zhengde College to study.During the military training of freshmen, Wang Mengmeng found that even wearingHearing aid, There is still a buzzing in the ears, and the instructor’s action instructions are really unclear.She can only see the classmates next to her immediately take the gourd and draw a scoop when she starts to move, so the action is often half a beat slower than others.After learning about this, Ms. Meng Xin told Wang Mengmeng that in accordance with relevant state regulations, Wang Mengmeng could apply to the school not to participate in military training due to physical reasons.made in ChinaHearing aid

During the military training period, the temperature in Nanjing, known as the furnace, was very high, and the surface temperature at the military training site exceeded 40°C at any time. It was undoubtedly a beautiful thing to be able to withdraw from military training and rest in an air-conditioned student dormitory. .But Wang Mengmeng declined the teacher’s kindness: “Thank you, teacher. Everyone is standing under the big sun. I want to sweat with everyone.” The military training instructor on the side did not persuade her. He just smiled. He was right during the break. Wang Mengmeng’s counselor gave a thumbs up: “This little girl is pretty amazing.”

Learning lip language hard training skills touched the teacher

From childhood to adulthood, Wang Mengmeng almost always used his eyes to “listen” to the class, and most of the time he kept up with the teacher’s teaching progress by self-study.After entering the university, she found that university teachers progressed faster in class, unlike middle school teachers, who can study a text for several days.In order to understand the teacher’s lectures in time, Wang Mengmeng is determined to learn lip language by herself. She compares the teacher’s PPT content projected on the big screen while trying to figure out the teacher’s verbal meaning.After nearly 2 years of hard work, she has now been able to understand the teacher’s teaching through lips.


From silence to taking the initiative to speak on stage

Deafness and dumbness often go hand in hand. People who have lost hearing cannot correctly recognize external sounds. After a long time, they can no longer speak normally.When he first entered Zhengde College, Wang Mengmeng, like other deaf people, could only utter babble syllables. Others did not know what they heard, and some people who did not understand the situation would laugh.Later, Wang Mengmeng fell silent and had no choice but to communicate with others, so she wrote a note to others.

The counselor, Ms. Meng Xin, asked the doctors at Nanjing University Hospital and learned that people with acquired deafness can still speak simply as long as the vocal cords are not damaged, as long as they continue to train for a long time.Therefore, Ms. Meng Xin actively encouraged Wang Mengmeng to relearn speech.She went to Wang Mengmeng’s dormitory whenever she was free and taught her how to speak. Slowly, Wang Mengmeng was able to express her meaning in simple words.In the college Chinese class of the next semester, the Chinese teacher asked everyone to come to the stage to talk about the text “The Dancing Girl of Izu” they were studying. Wang Mengmeng suddenly had a desire to come on stage to express, she raised her hand.After a moment of silence, the students in the classroom applauded and encouraged her.

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