Wearing a hearing aid, won the computer and dance national award

Dong University girls walk confidently between study and performance

She has excellent grades and successively won the Jiangsu Provincial Special Prize in the 2016 China University Student Computer Design Competition, and the 2016 China University Student Computer Design Competition National First Prize; she loves dancing, and has won the National Second Prize in the National University Student Art Exhibition with her team. Award; She is good at sports and won 4 gold and 1 silver in the Southeast University Games.

At the undergraduate scholarship award ceremony of Southeast University “Southeast of China” held on December 12, Chen Hanlu, a junior girl from Wu Jianxiong College, won the school’s highest honor “Principal Scholarship” for undergraduates.What people did not expect was that this versatile girl suffered from hearing impairment since she was a child and must use hearing aids to communicate with the outside world.

At the age of 3, he suffered from burns and hearing. He was admitted to Dongda with a hearing aid.

Taking into account both performance and study, take the experiment box to participate in rehearsals. After graduation, I want to go abroad for further studies and go to Silicon Valley to learn skills.

Chen Hanlu was born in Yangzhou. When she was 3 years old, she had a fever because of improper use of medicines and her hearing problems. Since then, she can only live on hearing aids.

In kindergarten, Chen Hanlu began to learn dance. Originally, she was just dancing and having fun, but she became more and more interested in dance afterwards.

Because of her hearing impairment, Chen Hanlu was always half a beat slower than others when she first started dancing. In order to be consistent with others, she could only practice repeatedly when everyone was resting.Despite the hard work, she persisted, and obtained the ballet examination certificate and the tenth certificate of Chinese dance during the high school. During the college entrance examination, she was admitted to Southeast University as a dance student.

Although a student specializing in dance, Chen Hanlu’s cultural achievements are not bad at all.After the college entrance examination, during the summer camp organized by Wu Jianxiong College of Southeast University, she was selected by Wu Jianxiong College of Southeast University because of her excellent comprehensive literacy and operational ability.

Taking into account both performance and study, take part in the rehearsal with the experiment box

Southeast University has gathered outstanding students from all over the country, especially in the group of top-notch students like Wu Jianxiong College, Chen Hanlu’s study pressure can be imagined.

“When I was a freshman, my grades were not outstanding in the class.” She said that she was a little unwilling to admit defeat since she was a child. “Hearing is not good and cannot be used as an excuse for my poor study.” She re-planned her study time. Except for rest and dancing, it’s all used for learning.In her sophomore year, she achieved a grade point score of 3.8, which has remained at a dozen or so in a class of more than 80 students.

As a dance student, Chen Hanlu is a member of the school’s dance troupe. She is also obliged to perform every large-scale performance of the school.

In the school’s New Year’s Eve performance, Chen Hanlu’s dance troupe had five or six programs to participate in. In order to gain more learning time, Chen Hanlu brought the experiment box to the backstage of the stage. I have to stay there all day, but at that time I had some digital experiments to do. I took the experiment box and waited for the gap between the steps to prepare for the experiment. I had a little more time, so I hurried to the experiment. room.” 

After graduation, I want to study abroad and go to Silicon Valley to learn skills

“I only knew that she danced very well and her grades were good. I didn’t see any difference between her and other classmates.” Chen Hanlu’s counselor, Teacher Ji Jing, said of this outstanding girl and described it as “optimistic and strong”. Speaking of her hearing impairment, the little girl doesn’t mind at all.”

Chen Hanlu studied computer, which is a major that requires hands-on practice.She took the initiative to contact the classmates to form a team for scientific research. In the 2016 China University Student Computer Design Competition, she won the Jiangsu Provincial Special and National First Prize.

Chen Hanlu, who is just a junior, has a clear plan for her future. “I like drawing and dancing, but this can only be regarded as my hobby.” She said that she studied computer and was also very interested in this industry. “After graduating from undergraduate, I want to go abroad to study for graduate school, but I also think of the United States. Go to work in Silicon Valley for a while and learn the most advanced technology there.” She said, for this, she is already preparing for TOEFL and other related exams.

On the podium, Chen Hanlu, dressed in professional attire and a slightly jerky tone, said, “I want to prove with practical actions: no matter what kind of experience a person experiences, he can walk a different path through his persistence and hard work. “

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