Can a deaf person eat spicy food?

It is not advisable to eat more peppers for deafness. Peppers contain a variety of biologically active ingredients, such as capsaicin and vitamin C. The content is very high. It has antioxidant effects and protects cells from free radicals. However, peppers are a token of pungency, so eat more. It is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, it is easy to produce dryness and heat in the body, and it is easy to cause constipation. It is recommended to eat more sweet peppers;

5. To reduce fat intake.

A large intake of fatty foods will increase blood lipids, increase blood viscosity, and cause arteriosclerosis.The inner ear is most sensitive to blood supply disturbances. When blood circulation disturbances occur, it will lead to a lack of nutrition in the auditory nerve and cause deafness.The total daily fat intake of middle-aged people should be controlled at about 40 grams, and they should eat less fat-rich foods such as various animal organs, fatty meat, butter, egg yolks, caviar, and fried foods.

It is recommended that every friend who wants to avoid hearing damage should regulate their eating habits in their daily lives, never overeating, not eating too much, not smoking or drinking, bad habits will definitely lead to poor blood circulation. Metabolism is blocked, nerves are destroyed, and various systemic diseases are caused.Diseases caused by poor eating habits are not only tinnitus and deafness, but also many other diseases.

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