What factors may affect the baby’s hearing?

Babies’ hearing problems are often overlooked. Statistics show that the incidence of this disease is between one in 1000 and two in 1.In other words, 2 to XNUMX of every XNUMX new born children have hearing impairments.The baby’s language development and hearing affect each other. Simply put, whether the baby’s speaking ability is normal or not will also affect the baby’s hearing. So once you find that your hearing is not normal, you should also observe your baby’s language ability. At the same time it will affect the baby’s intelligence.

The baby’s hearing is sensitive and fragile. However, in daily life, there are many situations that parents do not pay attention to that affect the baby’s hearing.For the normal development of the baby’s hearing

1. Use high-decibel music. KTV is a popular entertainment venue. Pregnant women should go less often. In the face of deafening music, a person who rarely gets involved will feel uncomfortable, not to mention children who are not born. It will definitely affect the growth of children.

2. The use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Generally speaking, pregnant women have better control over this aspect. When health problems occur, they must not use drugs without authorization. The doctor will make the right choice according to the different pregnancy period; but some pregnant women are because of this. Emotional loss of control and occasional alcoholism, coupled with the harm of second-hand smoke, can also add a hidden worry to hearing impairment, and it is also the main reason for the formation of congenital inner ear developmental disorders.

Birth period:The fetus is separated from the mother’s protection, and the living environment has undergone drastic changes. There are many factors that can cause deafness, such as hypoxia, excessive labor, the application of induced labor drugs, meconium in the amniotic fluid, and the umbilical cord around the neck at birth. Hypoxia; unsatisfactory delivery of the fetus, excessive use of a fetal head aspirator, forceps or too rough induction of labor can also damage the auditory organs and auditory center.Premature birth and underweight infants (less than 2500 grams) are often accompanied by hearing impairment.

1. Drugs and chemicals


4 ways to protect children’s hearing
1. Prevent children from being in a noisy environment for a long time, and avoid common sources of noise pollution in life, such as televisions, or high-volume stereos.
2. When there is a long period of noise around the child, for example, when the next door is playing an electric drill or the machine on the construction site keeps ringing, it is best for parents to bring the child with earplugs that protect hearing, or take the child away from the source of pollution .
3. Ensure that all heating equipment and refrigeration appliances in the home can meet qualified standards in terms of noise. At the same time, pay attention to whether there are noise pollution sources in the children’s school and other living environments.
4. If the home and school are surrounded by a busy environment, then children will always live in an excessively noisy environment whether they are going to school or at home. After a long time, the child’s hearing will definitely be affected.Therefore, parents should make small adjustments to the layout and arrangement of the room: parents can replace windows or doors with better sealing; choose quiet heating and ventilation equipment; let children stay in the room with the least external influence inside.These subtle adjustments can create an environment that is more conducive to protecting hearing ability for children.

For the safety of children, keep them away from noisy environments, protect their hearing, and allow them to grow up healthily.

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