How to prevent senile deafness?

At present, there are 60 million people over 1.34 years old in China, and more than 40% of them suffer from hearing impairment to varying degrees.Presbycusis refers to the symmetrical and slowly progressive sensorineural hearing loss of the ears due to the aging and metamorphosis of the auditory organs due to the increase of age.

Deafness is one of the cruelest killers of elderly mental health.With the increase of age, the auditory nerve gradually declines, forming senile sensorineural hearing loss, causing the elderly to be afraid of communicating with family or friends, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of the elderly.Although hearing loss in the elderly is a natural law, taking some preventive measures can delay the occurrence and development of deafness.

The etiology of presbycusis has the following aspects. One is the atrophy of cochlear hair cells and the fibrosis of the cochlear base model; the other is the atrophy and degeneration of vegetative hair cells and the decrease of blood flow; the third is the number of auditory neurons and vacuolar degeneration. Wait.Of course, most presbycusis can be prevented, and the elderly can improve their living habits to delay their onset time accordingly.

Presbycusis refers to the progressive hearing loss that occurs gradually with age, which can cause total deafness in severe cases.When the elderly in the family suffer from deafness, it is relatively difficult to treat them. Therefore, before the deafness occurs, the elderly need to help their parents to prevent them and stay away from deafness.

Health Tips: Ear health will change due to the small details in life, so it is necessary to know how to care for your ears from the details, and prevent presbycusis from daily diet and daily health care.

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