Is there any food restriction for children with otitis media?

From a medical point of view, otitis media refers to the occurrence of inflammatory lesions in all or part of the middle ear.This inflammation is more common in children and is generally divided into two categories: non-suppurative and suppurative.Non-suppurative otitis media includes secretory otitis media, baro-injury otitis media, etc., which can be divided into acute and chronic.The ear is a very important organ for human beings, and it is an important medium for us to listen to the world, so we must pay attention to the health of daily use.Once you have otitis media, seek medical attention and pay attention to your diet.

Patients with otitis media must pay attention to a healthy diet.Keep your mouth shut, then the disease will heal quickly, and doctors generally recommend that patients with otitis media should not take those antibiotics. Not only are they not effective, they also have great side effects, which will affect other organs, especially the increase in liver and kidney. Burden.

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