What are the characteristics of presbycusis?

In the diet to prevent presbycusis, pay attention to eating less high-fat foods as much as possible, and eating more cellulose-containing vegetables, fruits, and fish, beef and mutton with more protein; walnuts, sesame, peanuts, ginkgo, pine nuts, deep-sea fish oil, etc., to nourish the kidneys The functions of strengthening the brain, resuscitating and benefiting from the body, you can choose to eat more.

The elderly have poor blood vessel elasticity, and emotional excitement can easily lead to vasospasm in the ear. If it is accompanied by high blood viscosity, it will aggravate the ischemia and hypoxia of the inner ear and eventually lead to hearing loss.We can choose ginkgo biloba preparations that have the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and salvia miltiorrhiza preparations can be used to improve microcirculation and achieve the purpose of health care and treatment.

Avoid working and living in a noisy place for a long time. Among patients with presbycusis, there are more urban residents than rural residents. This may be related to the loud noise in the urban environment. The elderly who work and live in noisy environments for a long time have a higher incidence.Therefore, the elderly should avoid long-term noise stimulation as much as possible, and when they encounter sudden noise, they should stay away as soon as possible to reduce the impact and damage of the noise to the ears.

Health tips:Ear health will change due to the small details in life, so it is necessary to know how to care for your ears from the details, and to prevent presbycusis from daily diet and daily health care.

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