How to wear headphones to prevent hearing damage?

Nowadays, you can see people wearing headphones to listen to music and make calls. The appearance of headphones makes our lives more convenient and adapts to today’s fast-paced life. It is difficult to know the location of the enemy without headphones, so many players Except for meal time, I usually wear headphones.While earphones bring us fashion and convenience, they can also damage our hearing.Many people disagree and think this is an alarmist talk, retorting that I wear headphones every day to listen to music and make calls. Isn’t my hearing still normal?People with this kind of thinking are actually “overdrawing” their own hearing, and they may have presbycusis earlier than their peers in old age.

2. Wearing headphones to listen to music in a noisy environment for a long time can cause hearing loss, so try not to wear headphones to listen to music in a noisy environment to avoid high volume damage to your ears.

In short, in the choice of earphones, try to choose a good pair of earphones to reduce its damage to us. At the same time, we should also pay attention to it when wearing it. There are only three types of earphones we see, head-mounted and ear-hook. Compared with the in-ear type, the ear-hook type and the head-mounted type do not have the advantage of being compact and portable, but because they do not need to be worn in the ear, the damage to the ear canal and eardrum is minimal.Then, the earphone volume should not be too loud, and don’t listen continuously for a long time. Adults should use earphones for no more than 3-4 hours a day, and it is advisable to listen intermittently. It is best to let the ears rest every hour.

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