What effect does high blood pressure have on hearing?

First of all, we should start from life: we should take care of ears and hearing in our lives, including: minimize the interference of noise on hearing, do not turn on the volume of the TV and radio at home too much, and do not use it in noisy places; Ear picks, match sticks, etc. to dig your ears to avoid touching the ear canal, causing infection, inflammation, or even breaking the tympanic membrane; be cautious with antibiotics such as streptomycin, gentamicin, and kanamycin. Do not overdose or take time Too long; massaging the Yifeng acupoint in the sunken area of ​​the earlobe can increase blood circulation and protect hearing; control emotions, avoid mood swings, and maintain a happy mood.

The most important thing for patients with hypertension is early detection and early regular treatment.If the hearing has been affected by this, it means that blood vessel damage has occurred and it is very difficult to reverse it!Hearing is difficult to recover (unless small blood clots disappear suddenly and sudden deafness, but this is very rare); controlling blood pressure can only reduce the rate of further hearing loss.It is very difficult to improve hearing.

It can be equipped with professional hearing aid institutionsHearing aid, To improve hearing, while slowing down the rate of hearing loss to a certain extent.Maybe, control your blood pressure and bring it wellHearing aid, A healthy life, improve the quality of life, a person who can live 80 years old may become a 100-year-old birthday star.

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